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Minority Contractor Protest “Unfair Practices” of large Contractors
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New York state awards $340 million in Universal Pre-K funds
Eighty-one school districts in New York state will receive $340 million in state funds to pay for full-day Pre-Kindergarten, an announcement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office stated.   read story

Hart’s Local Grocers opens in downtown Rochester
Hart’s Local Grocers, Rochester’s first downtown grocery store in more than a decade, opened Friday. The full-service store is located in the city’s East End, at 10 Winthrop St., and features products from more than 50 local vendors as well as national brands, store officials stated.    read story

Rochester groups protest teacher tenure lawsuit
Rochester parents, teachers and members of The Alliance for Quality Education, Metro Justice and other organizations held a press conference July 30 in protest of a lawsuit filed by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s group, Partnership for Educational Justice; an organization currently challenging teacher tenure in New York.    read story


Breastfeeding Become More Popular For All the Right Reasons
Fresh foods invigorate the body, giving people more natural energy, while processed foods' synthesized ingredients tend to make people feel sluggish and lethargic, which is why breastfeeding has gained so much support recently.    read story

Data Shows That Home Remodeling Numbers Are Up as Economy Grows Stronger
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Brand Strategist Linda Ong Says Hispanic Journalists Need to Rebrand Immigration Reform
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Photos from Cuban-American Photographer To Be Part of Smithsonian's Expanded LGBT Collection
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Why the Selfie Has a Place in Social Media Marketing
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The Violence Many Teachers Face at the Hands of Students
"Educational reform" has been a rallying cry for many organizations over the past few years. Usually, reforms target changes in standardize testing, curriculum, as well as the budgets schools receive and have to work with. One area of educational crisis that is often under-addressed, though, is the violence that teachers themselves have to face.   read story



Red Cross Issues Safety Tips for Labor Day Weekend
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Rochester City School District Superintendent challenges students to achieve 95 percent attendance
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Monroe County tests new CodeRED emergency 911 telephone notification system
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Rome City School District partners with Community Foundation and Rochester-based Hillside to increase graduation rates
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Rep. Louise Slaughter announces $11 million in anti-poverty grants for Rochester
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City announces Cool Sweep locations for Aug. 26
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No one would be marching for Michael Brown if he’d been killed by a black man
I’ve had an interesting week, at least as it pertains to my conscience. I agreed to join Dr. Cornel West, Carl Dix, Pastor Jerome McCory and Michelle Alexander in a month of resistance against police brutality and mass incarceration about two weeks before Michael Brown was killed. After Michael was shot in an unfortunate incident involving a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, I saw a kind of rage I hadn’t seen for a while.   read story

Readers Write: Lessons learned from an MWBE
As with many public programs, the Rochester Schools Modernization Program has been derived from careful thought, consideration, and deliberation to enhance the environment for our school children.    read story

Straight No Chaser: Do women provoke men into violence?
In a continued effort to help my sistas, I would like to share what I think happens sometimes when we hear of women who have been physically abused by a man.    read story

Something to Think About: It’s that time again!
As I write this column, there are about two weeks before a brand new school year begins. This is a time of excitement for both students and parents alike, but mainly for parents.    read story

Hawkins Faults Cuomo for Delaying Convening of Minimum Wage Board, despite post-Moreland News Release
Hawkins Pushes $15 an hour Minimum Wage, 100% Clean Energy by 2030 (Albany, NY) Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today he would use his administrative powers to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour.   read story

Straight No Chaser: Orchids to NBC-LEO President Adam McFadden
If Adam McFadden decided to give up on politics, or quit his day job, he would have no problem attracting the attention of those in the market for seasoned event planners.    read story
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