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City Announces RPD to Wear Body Cameras
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Marchers Declare Fight for Justice in Police Shootings Not Nearly Over
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NYS Board of Regents Asks for $2 Billion Increase in State Aid
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Immigration Debate Reignites amongst Advocacy Groups and Conservative Organizations
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Gov. Cuomo Places Ban on Fracking in New York State, Local Officials Applaud the Move
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NYS Board of Regents Passes Regulation Allowing Kids to Enroll in School, Regardless of Immigration Status
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State Education Commissioner John King Joins Obama Administration
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Tips to Stay Safe in Winter Weather
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State Attorney General Requests Authority to Investigate Police Involved in Civilian Deaths
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Women’s Equality Coalition Calls for New York State Pregnant Worker Protections in New York as Supreme Court hears Young v. UPS
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RCSD Graduation Rates Slightly Rise, but District Lags Behind Rest of Big Five
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McFadden Resigns from Rochester Housing Authority
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Monroe County Announces Christmas Tree Recycling Program
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Inner Faith Tabernacle Church Holds Community Forum to Discuss Police Brutality
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Rochester City School Board to Discuss U of R’s Plan for East High
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Rochester to Receive $1.9 Million Innovation Grant
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The Importance of Unity Among Blacks on College Campuses and in the Community
Note: A very special student sent me the note below via Facebook regarding the black student union on her college’s campus. I wanted to share my response to her (which begins below her note) with the community.    read story

Something to Think About: The Eric Garner Grand Jury Got It Wrong!
By now, I’m sure you may have had your fill of the various discussions and opinions people have been provided in the aftermath of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions.    read story

Church Politics and the Contradiction of Racial Harmony: The Deaths of Young Black Males More Grievous than Some Suggest
What is this spiritual juice black ministers have been concocting with law enforcement to arrest the anger of black people over the racist killing of young black males by white cops? In particular, I’m talking about the killing of unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, by now-retired-from-the-controversy (or, so he believes) white cop Darren Wilson.    read story

Something to Think About: President Obama Has Been True to Himself
When I think about the presidency of Barack Obama, I have moved beyond the point of being mad at him, to understanding he has been true to himself; and that is all that matters to him. There have been many things that have happened under this administration which defy logic, and have crossed the line of what we believed could be possible in America.    read story

Reflecting on the Ferguson Case
Here we are, once again in this nation, witnessing the aftermath of the tragedy in Ferguson, Mo., made national because of the implications of racism. Those “in the know,” understand that the insertion of racism into any scenario spirals that scenario into an abyss of emotional mayhem.    read story

Enough is Enough: Moving Past Gradualism
Editor’s Note: Columnist Howard Eagle has written the following analysis in response to the Nov. 30 Democrat and Chronicle editorial titled “We’re Not Ferguson,” by Hank Rubin. A link to the article has been included at the top of the page.   read story
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