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Mayor considers offering Rochester housing for immigrant kids
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Cuomo announces new consortium; says Rochester will get 500 jobs
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced July 16 that the state will partner with over 100 private companies, including Sematech and IBM, to launch the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium; a group which will create thousands of jobs in Upstate New York over the next five years, including at least 500 in Rochester.    read story

Kodak number one for releasing most toxic chemicals in New York waterways, study finds
According to a June report from Environment New York Research & Policy Center, Eastman Kodak Co. has been named the top discharging facility in 2012, weighted by toxicity concentration, in all of New York State, putting 12,151 pounds of toxic pollution into the Lower Genesee River.   read story

Rochester Children Heading to Summer Camps Where It's All About Technology
Parents and educators have long been looking for ways to help young students beat the so-called "brain drain," the loss of knowledge and learning that occurs over the summer as children turn away from their studies to play video games, putz around with friends, and otherwise leave their learning centers starving for attention.    read story


Study finds death penalty fails to identify the worst
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State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announces $2.2 million restitution fund for victims of immigration scam
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IDC reports $4.3 million on hand; Cuomo leads with $35 million
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Black Women are Increasingly Likely to Become Entrepreneurs in the U.S., Says Study
According to the latest data by the Center for American Progress, black women are the quickest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. right now. “African American women are starting businesses at a rate six times the national average, and their 2.7 million firms are currently generating $226.8 billion in annual revenue and employing almost 1.4 million people," the report reads.   read story

Senate Republicans have $5 million on hand
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Gov. Cuomo forms council to reduce prisoner recidivism rates
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Mayor, City Council proclaim days of remembrance and recommitment to mark July ‘64 Anniversary
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Cool Down with Cool Sweep Presented by RG&E
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Child Care Council offers farmers markets for low-income families
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New York State teachers union endorses O’Brien
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Judge overturns Charles Pierre’s conviction
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Hawkins Says Rather than Create Women’s Ballot Line, Cuomo Needs to Do More to Help Poor Women
Hawkins Would Eliminate WEP for welfare Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, said today that Governor Cuomo's effort to create a Women's Equality    read story

Summer Enrichment Means Lifetime Survival
It’s mid-July. Do you know if your children are learning? Just a month ago they were eager to leave the regimentation of the daily classroom to “enjoy the summer”.    read story

Mayday to Earth Day
Earth Day needs to be a year-long consideration rather than the one-day PR stunt it has turned into. Rather than making structural adjustments to our economic model and our personal behaviors, Earth Day seems to have become completely non-committal, resulting in feel-good activities such as picking up trash.    read story

Something to Think About: Is Obama the worst?
A poll released last week showed that one-third of voters believe President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II!    read story

July 4 and the meaning of democracy
On July 4, it seems politicians declare their love for the American Revolution and democracy, while doing their best to oppose it both at home and abroad.   read story

Fifty Years After Civil Rights Act: A Land of Opportunity
- Fifty years ago, the U.S. Senate passed the version of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that would be passed by the House and signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The bill faced a filibuster of 14 hours and 13 minutes by the late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia.   read story
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