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City Council Votes to Advance Riverfront Project, Near Abandoned Subway

By Staff


-Promenade renderingRochester City Council voted to further fund a promenade and housing development along the Genesee River Feb. 25, which raised questions for some city residents about whether the project’s location would block access to an abandoned subway near South Ave.

The unused subway’s entrance has become a walkway for residents, and an underground canvas for local street artists.

As a result, following the city’s decision to go forward with the $4.7 million project, Councilman Matt Hagg, D-Rochester, proposed creating a community committee, in order to decide how to preserve the “historic nature” of the old subway.

Several community members attended the meeting to speak in support of keeping the entrance to the subway open, and suggested turning the area to a space for holding community events, or a park.

According to Hagg, hopefully, the work group will allow the city to come up with a way to use the subway space “appropriately.”

During Thursday’s meeting city council approved $250,000 to continue with the design plans for the riverfront project.

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