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Dinolfo Appoints Nadia Granger as New Medical Examiner

By Staff



Dr. Nadia Granger

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo has announced the appointment of Dr. Nadia Granger as the new Monroe County Medical Examiner.

Granger will replace Dr. Caroline Dignan in the role. Dignan served in the position for the past ten years.

“With ten years of experience in medical investigations, pathology, and laboratory medicine, Dr. Nadia Granger is incredibly qualified, and the right choice to serve Monroe County as medical examiner,” Dinolfo stated. “I am proud to entrust Dr. Granger with the task of lead examiner, and manager of the medical examiner’s office, which serves Monroe County, and our nine surrounding counties. With medical and forensic experience in the private, and public sector, Dr. Granger is well suited to serve the residents of Monroe County.”

Granger previously served as the county’s associate medical examiner, since 2011. She graduated medical school from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in 2006; completed her residency at the University of Rochester Medical Center in 2010; and her Fellowship at the Office of the Medical Investigator at the State of New Mexico, and University of New Mexico, in 2011.

The office of the medical examiner investigates all reported deaths that are not attended by a physician, and those which may not have occurred naturally. The office also aids in the administration of criminal and civil justice, and provides accurate data that can be utilized for public health and educational needs. Key programs in the office include archival services, investigation services, toxicology laboratory, autopsy services, community education, and lecture programs, as well as disaster preparedness/mass fatality response.

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