Saturday 26 November 2022
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Straight No Chaser: Orchids and Onions

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newOrchids: To Mayor Lovely Warren’s State of the City address given at Genesee Brewery. Mayor Warren and her staff are continuing to make a difference in the city of Rochester, and we are growing. I can’t wait to see the downtown development when it’s completed. I support the recent discussions on bringing a casino to town also. It is all about JOBS.

Orchids: To Camille McIntyre and Prince Xavier Castro for hosting the 100 Women Photo shoot that took place Saturday, April 23, in Manhattan Square Park. Q and C photographer LaQuisha Bridges Smith also posted a series of pictures on FB throughout the shoot. I regret not having returned from out of town to lend my support to such a display of unity and harmony, that has been long overdue. It certainly looked like far more than 100 women to me.

Onions: To the elected officials, a.k.a political bullies, who like to loud-talk and embarrass people in public. It is important to fact check whatever it is you are concerned about, before humiliating and embarrassing anyone in the grocery store. Some people deserve what they get, and karma will catch up to you as well. Try your bullying tactics on me, whydoncha?? I am not a punk. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about BULLIES, it is that they know who to pick on. Cowards. You really need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Standing in the unemployment line could be your next stop.

Onions: To the politicians who get elected, and forget where they come from and who they serve. Those who get my vote, and fail to read the fine print, will hear from me. I hold ALL politicians accountable for what they SAY they are going to do. Just because you’ve USED me to get you elected, and then have the nerve to no longer SPEAK in public, does not mean I will not question WHY we are paying you with public tax dollars. You know who you are. And the next time, I will name names if you don’t find an apology is in order for your recent antics. Think it’s a game.

Orchids:  To Sister Grace and staff, for the service they have given, and the kindness they have shown to the homeless. I hear a new facility is on the drawing board, and we will soon have a new House of Mercy. I think it is shame that we even need one in this rich city.

Orchids: To Lydia Boddie Rice, current Executive Director of Young Audiences, and the ten years of devotion and time she invested in Cross Currents Rowing team. And I quote: “It’s the end of an era. Cross Currents was started to introduce people to new people. To expose people to new activities. To build alliances with new people. Cross Current’s objective was to grow the sport of competitive rowing into a new direction, and gain the support of different people not familiar with rowing. Cross Currents brought people together from both sides of the river, in one boat, all working or rowing in the same direction for the same thing: Fellowship, exercise, sport, propose, and fun.”

Orchids: To Chaz Bruce, a.k.a Mr. Entertainment, and his performance at the recent Rochester Music Hall of Fame. He had the distinct honor of having Rochester’s own Pee Wee Ellis (an inductee), Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker as a part of his horn section when he performed and did his fantastic James Brown routine. Chips don’t fall far from the tree. His dad, Michael Bruce, and Uncle Terrance Bruce were also on hand with other family and friends to support him. Great job for such a well-rounded artist. Chaz sings, dances, plays keyboard and teaches. He then finds time to perform as a Comedian!!! BTW, did I ever mention I played first string violin in Madison HS orchestra with Pee Wee Ellis???

Onions: To the snakes who are tunneling, and trying to gain name recognition like no one sees them, because they plan to challenge the mayor politically, if she decides to run again. To quote a friend of mine, “We are ready!!” Bring it. MY mayor has caught more hell than Obama, JUST because of the color of her skin. But, she HAS something her potential opponents do not, a RECORD of achievement!!!

Onions: To the snakes who’ve failed to understand the meaning of the word LOYALTY. Some have not been thankful for the jobs they have, and are spending time trying to undermine the person who has given them an opportunity to feed their families. I see you two-faced back stabbers, trust me.

Orchids: And congratulations to Lashanna Boose and James Stanford, now formally called Mr. and Mrs. Stanford. They were recently married in the ATL, and hopefully freeze-dried a piece of wedding cake for me to partake in.

Orchids: To R.I. T. for bringing services back to the inner city. In the 90s, they once operated the urban center that was housed at 50 West Main St. A variety of classes, including photography, were made available to city residents. How many dinosaurs remember when the campus itself, before moving to Henrietta,  was in what we now call Cornhill!!!???

Onions: To whomever may be delaying the return to neighborhood schools. I recently heard that was a plan, but have yet to see any move to toward making that happen.

Onions: To the mental health issues that continue to go ignored and undiagnosed in our community. WE have elementary students as young as five years old who could be easily considered psychotic. I consistently hear reports of children that young throwing chairs and desks, endangering the safety of others. Bite marks on a principal’s leg should be of some major concern, not only to school officials, but to PARENTS as well. What is going on in a child’s home that allows them to bring that kind of RAGE to school? Are we really paying attention???

Orchids: To the mayor and her communications office for taking the time to take pictures of 2016 HS Graduates throughout the city, and posting them on social media. All of our graduating seniors need to be recognized. Too bad the print/TV/radio media has not not followed the mayor’s lead, by not always projecting the negativity, and recognizing the positive strides some of our young folks are making!!!  {{{CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES!!!}}}}}

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