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Lilac Festival Marred by Violence, Ten Arrested

By Staff




Ten people, seven of them juveniles, were reportedly arrested for fighting at the Lilac Festival Saturday, May 7.

According to authorities, although local festivals and events have had trouble with teen violence in the past, the number of violent incidents at Saturday’s event was “atypical,” and officials are now considering placing an age restriction on festival goers who are allowed to attend the county-run event.

As a result, anyone under the age of 18 may need to be accompanied by a parent in order to gain entrance to the event in the future.

“I think we had enough officers on hand, but there were a lot of unsupervised youth yesterday that caused a few problems,” Rochester Police Lt. John Prewasnicak stated.

Police also said there were had been reports of two gunshots fired Saturday, however, there were no injuries or damages reported.

There were also no reports of arrests or disorderly conduct during Sunday’s event.

The festival has been slated to run through May 15.

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