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City Hall Closes Due to Small Fire

By Staff


city logo - newCity Hall closed early May 18, due to a small electrical fire in the basement of the building, city officials stated.

According to the Rochester Fire Department, the fire taxed the department’s resources, and, as a result of calls that included a house fire in the city, a rollover crash on route 104, and a CPR in progress in Charlotte; neighboring fire departments had to respond to the scene.

Fire officials said the cause of the fire had been a damaged motor in the building’s ventilation system.

And, in an effort to err on the side of safety, Mayor Lovely Warren requested fire officials check the air quality of the building, so there would be no danger to employees and guests once they returned to the building tomorrow.

The building is closed for the rest of the day, and City Hall will reopen Thursday, at 9 a.m.