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Fairport and Brighton School Districts Investigate Reports of Racial Slurs at Lacrosse Game

By Staff


SWCrop-fairport-high-schoolAFairport’s boy’s varsity lacrosse team has reportedly been accused of allegedly using anti-Semitic slurs against Brighton’s team during a game between the two schools on May 17.

“The Fairport Central School District has the highest of expectations for our students’ conduct, and how they represent themselves and our district,” the school said in a statement. “We are investigating a situation that occurred at our boys lacrosse game to fully understand what transpired, and are working closely with our friends from Brighton Central School District to move forward in a positive and productive manner. If allegations are accurate, we will enforce our district’s Code of Conduct and extracurricular eligibility standards while using this unfortunate situation as a learning opportunity.”

Brighton Superintendent Kevin McGowan also issued a statement Wednesday saying, “Hateful speech of any kind, in any way, has no place in society, much less in interscholastic activities. We know this perspective is shared by our colleagues throughout the Monroe County athletic league, and Section 5. Our coaches, parents, and players are aware, as are their counterparts at Fairport, of reports of hateful speech being used at a game Tuesday evening. It is our understanding that the issue is being investigated, and followed up on expeditiously. We appreciate their responsiveness as well.”

Reportedly, Brighton School District’s athletic director said he had been made aware of the comments after Fairport’s coach and athletic director contacted him following the game.