Tuesday 29 November 2022
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Update: Remaining Suspects Sentenced for Kidnapping U of R Students

By Staff


(Update – Dec. 21) – Lydell Strickland, David Alcarez-Ubiles, Ruth Lora and Inalia Rolldan were sentenced Dec. 21, after being found guilty of kidnapping two University of Rochester students last year.

Rolldan and Lora were reportedly both sentenced to seven years in prison, and Alvarez-Ubiles received a 15-year prison sentence.

Strickland reportedly orchestrated the kidnapping, and has received 155 years to life in prison for the crimes.

(From Nov. 23) -Four of the five suspects who previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping two University of Rochester students last year were sentenced Nov. 23.

Elliott Rivera and Dennis Perez have each received 35-year sentences, and Leah Gigliotti and Samatha Hughes have both received 13-year and 15-year sentences, respectively.

The remaining defendant, Jesus Castro-Ubiles, is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.

Five additional suspects will also return to court for sentencing on Dec. 21.

(From Nov. 21) – Four suspects charged with kidnapping two University of Rochester students last year were found guilty of both kidnapping and assault charges Nov. 21.

Lydell Strickland was convicted on 31 counts of kidnapping, assault, gang assault and robbery; David Alcarez-Ubiles was convicted of kidnapping and weapons charges, however, he was acquitted of an assault charge; and Ruth Lora and Inalia Rolldan were convicted of kidnapping and weapons charges.

The defendants will return to court Dec. 21 for sentencing.

Five other suspects have also previously entered guilty pleas in the case.

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(From Dec. 7, 2015) – Two University of Rochester students have been found safe after being forcibly kidnapped over the weekend and rescued Sunday, Dec. 6, according to the Rochester Police Department.

Officials said seniors Ani Okeke Ewo and Nicholas Kollias, both from Illinois and members of the school’s football team, were reported missing Saturday under suspicious circumstances.

When police learned the two students were being forcibly held at 22 Harvest St. on the northeast side of the city, about four miles from the school’s campus; a SWAT team rescued the pair from the property, and four suspects have now been taken into custody who were either in or near the house.

According to RPD Chief Michael Ciminelli, one student was shot in the leg, but, although the students suffered minor injuries during the kidnapping, police expected the students to be ok.

In addition, Ciminelli said the event posed no general threat to students at the university, or to the U of R’s campus.

“I do want to point out this was a directed event, and we have no information or evidence of any kind that this constituted a general threat to the University of Rochester community,” he stated.

According to authorities, charges are currently pending regarding the incident.

University president Joel Seligman said he was happy to have the students returned, and he had spoken to both the students involved in the incident, as well as their parents.

Mayor Lovely Warren also released the following statement regarding the incident:

“Tonight the University of Rochester student community, and our entire city, can be grateful for the professionalism and dedication of the Rochester Police Department, and particularly our SWAT Team. As our city’s mayor, and also as a mother, I am grateful that our police officers helped make the ultimate outcome of tonight’s situation a good one. Many thanks to Chief Ciminelli and his officers for a job well done.”