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2023-24 Rochester Charter School Application is Now Available at

Parents Can Apply to all Rochester Charters through One Online Application

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The 2023-24 charter school application is now available at for parents and guardians to apply to all 26 Rochester charter school locations. More than 8,000 students are currently enrolled in Rochester charter schools. promotes school choice by empowering Rochester families with easy online access to public charter school information. The website provides a centralized place for Rochester families to learn about K-12 charter school options and gain information about academics, grade levels, extracurricular and after school activities. 

By visiting, parents and guardians can browse school information, then apply to as many schools as they want by using a simple online application tool. Applying is free and takes only minutes to complete. The application is accessible in English and Spanish on any web-enabled device.

Charter schools are free public schools. There are no tests or entrance fees for charter schools and charters welcome students who need extra help in school, have IEPs and are English language learners. Charter schools accept applications year-round.

Parents may apply to the following schools through for 2023-24 (some have more than one location):

·        Academy of Health Sciences Charter School, grades 5-8

·        Citizenship & Science Academy Charter School of Rochester, grades K-3 (expanding to grade 12)

·        Discovery Charter School, grades K-6

·        Eugenio Maria de Hostos Charter School, grades K-12

·        Exploration Elementary Charter School for Science & Technology, grades K-5

·        Genesee Community Charter Schools, grades K-6

·        Innova Girls Academy Charter School, Grades K-2 (expanding to grade 6)

·        Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts, grades K-6

·        Rochester Academy Charter School, grades K-12

·        Rochester Academy of Science Charter School, grades K-2 & 9 (expanding to grade 12)

·        Rochester Prep Charter School, grades K-12

·        University Preparatory Charter School for Young Men, grades 7-12

·        Urban Choice Charter School, grades K-8

·        Vertus Charter School, grades 9-12

·        Young Women’s College Prep Charter School, grades 7-12

For more information about, visit the website ( or call the GoodSchoolsRoc HelpLine at (585) 491-9777.