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300 Men March: Movement Against Violence Inspires Baltimore

By Hazel Trice Edney



Members and supporters of the 300 Men March recently take to the streets to send a message in Baltimore and beyond. Leader, Munir Bahar, is determined to stop what he calls a ‘genocide’ of young Black men as national homicide rates continue to rise. PHOTO: Courtesy/300 Men March

( – Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave this reporter a blank stare in response to a question. To be asked whether she is familiar with the Baltimore-based group called 300 Men March was apparently baffling to her.

She explained, “That’s like asking me if I’ve heard of the Baltimore Orioles. I’m from Baltimore. I get it.”

As indicated by the Mayor’s response, this group of men, known for their patrolling the Baltimore streets as a display of positive force and responsible manhood amidst an often violent backdrop, have made quite a name for themselves.

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