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4 Tips to Help With the Landscaping of Your Rochester Home

If you live in Rochester and you’re looking for some useful tips and tricks to beautifully landscape around the outside of your home, you’ve landed in the right place. Please take a look at some straightforward methods for increasing the curb appeal around your property.

1. Plant Some New Trees

Do you have trees around your yard already? If you do, are they well cared for and healthy? For homeowners looking for ways to improve their Rochester home landscaping, having healthy trees is one easy way to do it. For the most part, after the trees are planted, there is little to no maintenance or attention required. The first season requires the most attention, but after that, trees pretty much take care of themselves.

To keep your trees looking nice and growing properly, you will have to prune them by removing dead and broken branches. If you want to or need to do heavy pruning, it’s recommended that you wait for the tree to reach at least two years old.

2. Install Hardscaping Features

Take a peek around your neighborhood and you will likely see other properties not only have big beautiful trees but they’ve also added in hardscaping features to really customize the look. Hardscaping features include things like retaining walls, fountains, sculptures, and other objects that, once they are placed, are often there to stay.

One of the most popular hardscaping features found in Rochester are rocks and stones. A sedimentary rock, natural flagstone, gets’ broken into layers and is frequently used around flower beds, in retaining walls, or for pathways as part of landscaping. It gives the property a unique, customized, and elegant look.

3. Plant Flowers

If you live in a region where flowers will bloom, take advantage! You have several options when it comes to adding flowers to your landscaping. You can plant them directly in the ground, or you can use large plants and space them around the property.

Planting perennial flowers are ideal if you don’t want to plant each year. They come back again and again. If you prefer to use planters and change the look of your landscaping, there are plenty of annual flower options out there that will really make your property stand out.

4. Take Care of the Lawn

Perhaps the most important feature of your landscaping is the grass. If the lawn is brown, dead, or dying, it will take away from the entire aesthetics of the property. You want to ensure it’s lush, healthy, and green all season long.

There are two options when it comes to taking care of your grass. You can do it yourself, which requires a lawn mower, weed wacker, and plenty of other tools, equipment, and products. The other choice is hiring a professional to do it for you. Most landscaping crews will take care of everything on your property that you want for the right price. That includes mowing the lawn, weed whacking, edging, watering, trimming bushes, and fertilizing. They will also frequently come back as part of a regular schedule. Just make sure you make your expectations clear from the beginning, so you don’t end up with too much or insufficient help from the experts.

Planting trees might be the most beneficial way to improve your landscaping and help the environment at the same time. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the number of hardwood trees was up 119% in 2007 from 1953. However, the growth-to-removal ratio was at 2.00. That means we could always use more trees to help keep the air clean and the landscaping at your Rochester home top-notch. Shrubs, bushes, flowers, and hardscaping features just add to the overall appeal. Consult with an expert if you need more guidance.