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5 Important Home Maintenance Projects to Get Started This Summer on Your Rochester Home

Home maintenance is central to the ultimate property value you enjoy in the long run. Investing in the right home improvement and maintenance projects offers fantastic rewards for your investment. Yet, you must understand what to prioritize in your Rochester home. The following information will help.

Replace Your Roof

An excellent roof helps enhance curb appeal, boost safety, and guarantee structural integrity. Ensuring that your roof is in top-notch condition is the first step toward a homely house. This process requires a comprehensive inspection to determine any leakages and the suitability of this roof.

Studies show that roof replacements account for over 90% of the roofing market’s size, volume, and value. Yet, you can only consider this project as a last resort. For excellent results, indulge in the services of a professional.

Check the Plumbing System

A healthy plumbing system cushions your family against health complications, stench, and embarrassment. This system entails multiple components, including the drainage and septic tank. First, unclog the slow drains in the kitchen and the bathroom. This step helps avoid pathogens and stench in the rooms.

You will also check the septic tank. According to the EPA, approximately 60 million people around the US rely on septic tanks to hold wastewater from the plumbing system. Yet, not everyone understands how to maintain this system. Septic tank maintenance requires regular inspection, securing of the lids, and direct water away from the drain field.

You’ll also need to check for leaks in the drainage and plumbing systems. Any small leak could contribute to significant water loss in the long run. For this reason, regardless of the leakage size, ensure that you take remedial measures to cushion further losses. Frequent inspections will help identify issues before they balloon.

Repair the Floor

You need a comfortable floor for your summer in Rochester. Various steps ensure that you get quality flooring, making your room warm and homely. Watch out for different signs of damage, including scratches, stains, and marks. Large scratches and dents indicate that you need to repair or replace this floor.

Multiple flooring options are available today. You’ll need to compare various options to select a preferable one. One of the best choices would be fumed wood flooring, which offers intense color and grain. You could also consider bleached or blanched wood, distressed wood, vinyl flooring, and graphic tiles. The idea is to choose a flooring replacement that offers durability and value.

Upgrade Your Furnace

An efficient heating system is central to enhancing energy efficiency and reliable heat. Embracing this project during summer will help prepare you for the cold seasons. Depending on the system, boiler, or furnace, you can repair, replace, or upgrade your system. Upgrading the furnace will help cut the average house’s electricity cost by 56 to 90%. In addition, it significantly reduces carbon monoxide emissions, enhancing environmental sustainability.

Various reasons indicate why upgrading this system is necessary. For instance, you’ll be sure of increased home value, operating efficiency, lower emissions, and decreased heating costs. In addition, there will hardly be any mid-season breakdowns.

At the same time, you’ll need to clean and drain the water heater. A functional water heater will guarantee a comfortable life in the house, particularly during the cold seasons.

Paint the Walls

A coat of fresh paint helps boost your home’s beauty and curb appeal. You will paint the interior and exterior parts of the house, ensuring that they look new. This project is straightforward, meaning you can do it with your children.

However, you must choose the best colors for your interior decor. You will also need to clean the walls before painting. It is the only way to create a harmonious and warm environment for winter.

As you look forward to giving your home a refreshed look, the insights above will help. Yet, you can customize your approach to suit your needs, preferences, and budget.