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5 Signs Your Rochester Home Could Use a Kitchen Remodel

Photo by immo RENOVATION on Unsplash.

A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular remodels that you could do to your Rochester home. This is because the kitchen is a popular space that will be used a lot and experience a great amount of traffic. As such, it’s a good idea to know the signs that could show you that you need to have a kitchen remodel done. Here are five of these signs, so have a look at them and decide whether your kitchen needs a remodel.

1. It’s Hard to Keep It Clean

The first thing that may drive you to do a kitchen remodel is if it’s currently hard for you to keep it clean. This may be as a result of the finishes being past their prime. After a certain length of time, the protective finishes of most items will wear off. This leaves them permanently discolored, faded, and just generally unpleasant to look at. If this is the case for your kitchen, then plan to do a remodel to change things right away. Keep in mind that most homeowners upgrade their kitchen’s major features during a renovation, with backsplashes and countertops being the most popular at 83% and 88% respectively.

2. The Lighting Isn’t the Best

If your kitchen’s lighting has become an issue for you and your family, you should consider improving it with an upgrade. While at it, consider the placement of the fixtures as well as the specific types of light you get. Remember that you can also make savings by switching to LED lighting which will consume less energy while providing your kitchen with the lighting that you need. Design a proper lighting plan in order to improve your kitchen instantly.

3. You Need Additional Storage Space

If your kitchen’s storage space doesn’t feel adequate for you, then you may need to do an upgrade. This should make it easier for you to store items well and keep the kitchen functional and attractive. Kitchen cabinetry was found to account for around 24% or $19 million out of the $79.63 million retail market for kitchens in 2017. Countertops, on the other hand, accounted for 18% or $14.64 million of this amount. You can get modern and better storage for your kitchen during a renovation and you’ll feel an amazing difference.

4. You Have Different Needs

Every family’s needs will change as time goes by. This means that yours, too, have probably changed since you bought or built your home. This may include getting more kids or having them move out and moving in with a parent or other elderly person. Whatever the case, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen fulfills your needs as a family and you may have a better time in your house in Rochester as a result of this.

5. It’s Been a Long Time Since You Remodeled It

Last but not least, it may be a long time since you got your home’s kitchen renovated. This means that you may have dated decor and appliances that don’t offer you the convenience of modern times. In this case, you shouldn’t wait until you become one of the roughly 30% of people who remodel their kitchen because their old one broke down. You can do the remodel as soon as things start to go wrong so that you don’t have to work under pressure.

If your Rochester home’s kitchen ticks any of these items’ boxes, it’s clearly time for you to upgrade your kitchen. Take the time to plan for your kitchen upgrade and you’ll get a kitchen that you’re proud of to show off to your friends.