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Minority Health Council to Hold Community Forum

By Staff


voicevisionrochesterThe New York State Department of Health, and the Minority Health Council, will present a community forum titled “Voice Your Vision Rochester,” Saturday, Oct. 3, from 8 .m. to 2 p.m., at the Integrated Arts and Technology School at Franklin, 950 Norton St.

According to officials from the organizations, this will be an opportunity for community members to actively participate in roundtable discussions affecting Rochester neighborhoods.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Women’s Health;
  • Taking  Charge of Your Health (health literacy; community education; social marketing);
  • Violence and Trauma (A public health issue);
  • The Faith Community (How the faith community impacts behavior change);
  • Seeking Services in the Community (physical/mental and social services);
  • Youth and Adolescent Health;
  • Aging and Elder Care;
  • People with Disabilities (deaf/hard of hearing; mobility challenges; blind/visually impaired);
  • LGBTQ Health;
  • and Men’s Health (In a barber shop setting).

The Minority Health Council plans to develop recommendations compiled from the findings of the event, which the organizations said they will then present to the State Health Commissioner.

Officials said the report will shape core-guiding principles to develop and/or implement health policies, strategies, programs, and activities across culturally, linguistically, and racially-diverse and multi-ethnic communities, in order to strengthen, empower and sustain communities, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Interested individuals may visit to register for the event.