Wednesday 28 September 2022
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8 Tips for Rochester Residents to Stay Safe at Work

The last thing anyone wants is to be injured at work. Workplace injuries can lead to loss of work and income, costly medical bills, and time spent away from family to recover. Fortunately, if you are injured on the job, you can file a worker’s compensation claim within two years of the accident to receive workers compensation benefits. Of course, being on worker’s compensation isn’t ideal, so here are eight tips to help you stay safe at work.

1. Learn About Potential Hazards

Once you start getting adjusted to your environment, it’s important to learn about potential hazards at your workplace. For example, slips and trips cause 15% of all accidental deaths and lead to the majority of general industry accidents. It’s recommended that you check your employee handbook to minimize the risks of a potential injury.

2. Use All Equipment Safely

Using all the necessary tools and equipment properly is the easiest way to stay safe on the job. Avoid using equipment that you have not been trained properly to use. Your employer should stay up to date on tool and workplace equipment maintenance to avoid potential injuries. Avoid utilizing equipment for something other than its intended purpose.

3. Wear the Proper Safety Gear at All Times

Wearing safety equipment at all times while performing tasks on the job minimizes your chances of getting injured. Most employees are required to wear gloves and a mask while working on the job.

4. Try to Minimize Stress

Research shows that stress on the job can cause severe health problems and leave you exposed to getting injured on the job. It’s important to avoid stress while you’re on the job. Try to get a good night’s rest before starting your next shift.

5. Stay Active

Try to stay mentally engaged at all times, even if that means taking short breaks to walk around. Staying in one place all day could cause significant health problems down the line, so it’s important to move around constantly during your shift.

6. Report Unsafe Work Conditions Immediately

It’s important to document any potential hazards on the job immediately. 30% of fire alarms do not work in commercial buildings due to aging or dead batteries. If one of the fire alarms isn’t working in an area of the building, notify your employer immediately.

7. Stretch

Stretching before completing heavy tasks reduces the chances of you suffering an injury on the job. Stretching can prevent injuries to your arms, wrists, back, neck, and shoulders. If your job requires a lot of lifting, try to keep the load near your body and avoid any twisting movement. Only lift weights that your body is comfortable handling. Overstraining your muscles can lead to serious injuries.

8. Fuel Your Body With the Proper Nourishment

It’s important to drink fluids while you’re working on the job to avoid feeling dizzy or suffering from other issues. Try to eat a nice meal so that your body has the essential nutrients to complete tasks on the job. Your body may shut down and cause you to sustain an injury if it doesn’t have the necessary fuel to keep going.

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to stay safe at work. Follow these tips and keep yourself safe from common accidents and injuries. You’ll thank yourself later.