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IBM Releases Report on Poverty in Rochester

By Staff


scc_logoIBM has recently released findings from its work developing strategies to fight poverty in Rochester.

In May, Rochester was chosen as one of 16 cities in a worldwide competition to receive $500,000 worth of assistance from the technology giant.

The group studied the issues which have contributed to the city’s high poverty rates for three weeks in October, and said it found Rochester’s systems have not been working effectively.

According to city officials, IBM presented its final report to the city Jan. 27.

Here are some of the company’s findings from the report:

  • The city should use a change management framework to track progress, celebrate success, and build sustained momentum for a long-term commitment to reducing poverty.
  • Agencies should shape their service delivery processes around the individual in need, using the individual to guide program-funding models, technology solutions, and policies; thereby becoming person-centric.
  • Engaging the community as a holistic entity would help the city make the most of its existing solutions, such as using data-sharing, and neighborhood hubs.
  • Agencies providing services must collaborate to gain a 360-degree view of impoverished families as a unit. This would help providers develop a single view of the person, and assist them in making appropriate referrals; tracking a family’s progress; and increasing personal connections with families and individuals seeking help from different services.
  • An incentives program could help the city encourage participation, and drive sustainable cultural transformation.
  • Funders and providers should employ outcome-based metrics, to measure the impact of initiatives and drive accountability.

IBM has also suggested the city create a governing organization, which would include local leaders like Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle (D-Irondequoit), to implement its recommendations.

“The IBM team has provided us with valuable guidance that will empower our residents, align our community support services, bring more jobs and educational opportunities to our neighborhoods, and help our city reach its true potential by addressing our greatest crisis — poverty,” Mayor Lovely Warren said in a statement.

Visit to view the full report.