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RCSD Proposes Opening Military Academy

By Staff


RCSD militaryThe Rochester City School District has announced possible plans to open a military academy.

According to RCSD officials, the district has assembled a 22-person advisory committee, including military officials, teachers, administrators, students, and community members, to create, review, and submit recommendations to the school board and superintendent, regarding the feasibility of such a school, within 60 days.

School board president Van White said it may be a way to improve student outcomes for the district.

“I think there’s a real set of low expectations for this district,” White stated. “They don’t expect us to do stuff like this. They wait for somebody else to.”

White cited the  Western New York Maritime Charter School  in Buffalo as a possible model of success for the potential RCSD academy. The school, created in 2004, has an 88 percent graduation rate.

According to White, the committee’s task will be to find out, both from a financial and instructional perspective, whether a similar school would work in Rochester.

“This is our dream, to have a district that people want to be in,” he stated. “And, I’m not just talking about people from the city. We can build such a district, and this is an example of how we can build such a district.”

The committee will submit its recommendations to the Board of Education’s Finance Committee, and Excellence in Student Achievement Committee, in two months, according to the district.

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