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A Moral Force of Opposition Rises as the Democratic Party Turns to Sanders

Op/Ed By George Payne


Founder and Director Gandhi Earth Keepers International

Founder and Director
Gandhi Earth Keepers International

Mr. Trump may have won the electoral college, but he lost the popular vote to Secretary Clinton. There is no mandate when over 50% of the country does not support your agenda. What is more, Mr. Trump was assured victories in swing states like North Carolina because of rampant efforts to disenfranchise minority communities. If every citizen of voting age had an equal opportunity to be recognized as a free and worthy citizen, then Secretary Clinton would have defeated Trump soundly. Obviously that did not happen.

There is no question that Secretary Clinton is responsible. She could have communicated better to farmers in Iowa, Catholics in Indiana, soccer moms in the suburbs of Michigan and steelworkers in Ohio. She could have created a real coalition with Sanders that was built on a genuinely progressive agenda. She could have included her husband more in the day to day campaign decision making. But Clinton did not lose the election. She lost control of the process. There is a big difference. It is important to remember that half of the nation does not support or condone Donald Trump and what his election represents.
With that said, the only way the national nightmare of a Trump presidency can be prevented is for tens of millions of people to rise up and galvanize behind a Democratic movement led by Senator Sanders and other progressive leaders inside and outside the official party. This movement must be organized by hundreds of thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Its goal must be to join forces spiritually, economically, politically and legally to challenge Mr. Trump’s eligibility to become POTUS. We only have two months.
Thank God that Senator Sanders has stepped up to the plate. He has been in front of the White House giving speeches on Standing Rock. He is on every national media program warning Mr. Trump to let go of Bannon immediately. He is simply taking charge. As a result of his courage and fortitude it no longer appears that a Trump takeover is inevitable. Now, no matter what happens in two months, the fight is far from over. Trump’s ignorance and delusion will not be normalized or codified if Sanders has anything to say about it.
Sanders has always known that we are not a nation under seize-at least not yet. We are a nation of kindness, openness and profound freedoms. We are not a nation going broke. We are an engine driving the economy of the world in unprecedented ways. And we are not weaker because of religious diversity. The nation has always been devoted to religious diversity as a foundation of our political system. Trump is wrong. Trump is blinded by his own greed. Trump is not aware that America is great because it allowed a man like himself to have a voice. Despite his insatiable discourtesy, strange compulsions and even fascist rhetoric, he was given a serious platform to espouse his ideas. The tolerance and goodwill extended to Mr. Trump has proven just how respectful, rewarding, resilient, robust, redemptive and recalcitrant this thing called American democracy can be. The very country that Trump spent an election year dismissing as garbage, is the same one that made him a billionaire. The same system that he accused of being rigged is the one that propelled him to temporary victory.
We must support Senator Sanders in his quest to revolutionize the Democratic party into a grassroots movement powered by the will of diversity loving peoples from all over the world. If we come together there is still time to mount a moral force of opposition to Trump. His agenda can still be disrupted before the long national nightmare begins. Together we can expose him as constitutionally ineligible. To this end, we must employ every spiritual, economic, political, and legal strategy available. We only have two months.