Saturday 28 January 2023
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The Abortion Genocide of Black and Brown People

Ayesha Kreutz

Op-Ed by Ayesha Kreutz –

Recently, January 2019, Leana Wen, the president of Planned Parenthood said, “First, our core mission is providing, protecting and expanding access to abortion and reproductive health care. We will never back down from that fight- it’s a fundamental human right and women’s lives are at stake.”

Wait, what? … I thought abortion was only 3% of your business? For at least the last 15 years or so, Planned Parenthood has said abortion was not a big part of their business It seems they are showing their true Margaret-Sanger colors again.

But eugenics in America is big business. Planned Parenthood gets over 500 million dollars a year in tax payers funding alone in order to control the population.

Since 1973, America has legally killed over 60 million innocent and helpless babies. That is about 2,000 deaths a day. Those are dictator numbers. Not only that, did you know that the abortion industry kills more blacks every 2 days than the KKK did in 60 years? Their Business is Killing.

How can I be silent knowing people are dying and moreover knowing that the Black and Minority Communities are being targeted and experimented upon? Those of us who know the truth need to re-educate the population. We need to amplify our voice before it is squashed by those who consider us inconvenient. They are already slaughtering our progeny and tricking us into paying them to do it.

Now, do not get me wrong, this is no rant or bash fest on all white folks. There are plenty of eugenicists and population-control advocates of all skin colors. As well, most of the people I stand with and fight in the trenches against this evil happen to have peach skin, but make no mistake about it, the purpose of abortion was to rid the world of Jews, blacks, the mentally challenged and any others they considered inconvenient or “weeds,” as Margaret Sanger called us. Those who deny our humanity believe they are making the world better by ridding it of us. For us to ignore the history of abortion is just as bad as those we chastise for ignoring America’s slavery history.

Isn’t it interesting though how the two connect?
I believe God has handed blacks in America a profound platform, one quite frankly that has the potential to have as great an impact as MLK, Jr.  If we will heed it?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting for one segment of the population. He was a voice crying in the wilderness for the black population, for the refusal of some to acknowledge our personhood, but now we have a unique platform to stand up for all of humanity. The personhood of all. We understand what happens when a small minority of people or the government get to decide who is or is not really human and worthy of life. We euphemistically call that genocide, but that word masks the shear demonic undertones behind the government’s agenda to slaughter the inconvenients. Human value and dignity is meaningless if we allow them to exclude a certain segment of the population.

This is something we understand and thus are positioned to stand up for those, the pre-born, who are being denied personhood by a small radical segment of the population.

Likewise, in the womb, none of us has the right to life unless the government says so or is willing to even acknowledge that we do live. In the fantasy of those who’d have our skulls squashed in the womb and sacrificed upon the sacred alter of abortion on demand, a baby isn’t alive until he or she travels down the magical birth canal, is out of the womb and breathing on his or her own. With its unwillingness to admit a fetus is a baby, it’s as if the government weren’t even sure that a woman was pregnant with a baby because some women are somehow pregnant with monsters or pigs or jackalopes. As if a woman were ever pregnant with anything other than a baby. Fall for that nonsense, and we will fall for anything.

The inhumanity of abortion makes man inhumane.

And I get it, not everyone is Christian so the idea we are all created in the image of God will not resonate with everyone. But without an objective truth that we are all equally valuable – we are not all the same, but each is equally valuable – there is no humanity. It is all subjective opinion without the idea that we are made in the image of God.

Back to some numbers.

Since 1973, America has legally killed over 60 million innocent and helpless babies. . In America, in 2015, the CDC reported that 638,169 legal abortions were reported. That equals 188 abortions per 1,000 live births. The Guttmacher Institute – the research arm of the nation’s leading baby killing machine, Planned Parenthood – reports that over 900,000 were killed in that same time period.

For 2016, in New York State alone, 44.1% of all black pregnancies ended in abortion. Outside of NYC it was 35.4%. In NYC itself, 47.7% of all black pregnancies end with a baby being killed and sold for baby-body parts. In 2018, worldwide, 41 million children were dismembered and killed in the womb.

As I said, these are numbers that would make Dictators like Mao, Stalin, Pasha, and Hitler smile. Any society that promotes this type of killing is doomed.

Rochester, we are better than this. We can provide a message of Life, acceptance, marriage, hope, healing, adoption, and more. There was a time, before Margaret Sanger and the Negro project, that the black community decried abortion. After coming through slavery and the attempt to kill us off, there was no way we would think of killing ourselves off by killing our babies. Two parent homes and education excellence was the norm. If we can just stop, repent, accept being duped, set aside political differences and focus on what truly matters – cultivating a culture of life and acceptance – we can kick off the shackles of victimhood and emerge as victorious as the slaves who walked off the plantations as freed men.

Everyone one of us, men and women alike, need to rise up, heal from our mistakes, and be silent no more. Those of us with chocolate skin have a Great opportunity – we have been handed a voice because the baby killers were unsuccessful at silencing us in the womb. No other people has had this opportunity.

This is our moment. We live and breathe so that others won’t have to die.

Ayesha Kreutz is founder of The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY. Contact her at:,,

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