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American Heart Association Announces New “+color” Initiative

By Staff


pluscolorThe American Heart Association (AHA) has announced a new initiative called “+color,” which will focus on the positive health impact of fruits and vegetables.

According to the AHA, the program’s impact may be simple, yet significant.

“Through +color, we’ll empower communities and consumers of all ages, especially millennials, to eat more fruit and vegetables,” Rachel Johnson Ph.D., professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont, and past chair of the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Committee, stated.  “We want to push the perceived limits and perceptions around what people think is healthy to what is actually going to help them improve their diet. It’s about adding colorful, nutritious, and vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables to meals, instead of choosing unhealthier options. It’s about showing America how easy it is to get more of these vital foods into their diet each day, and how easy it is to share this information everywhere they go, with everyone they know. This information has the power to help save lives.”

According to the AHA, if Americans ate the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables every day, approximately 39,900 deaths would be prevented from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and diabetes, and $7.6 billion in medical costs would be saved annually.

The organization, along with Subway restaurants, and Hass Avocado Board (HAB), launched the new program in New York City this September, to help the organization achieve its 2020 health impact goal of improving the health of all Americans by 20 percent in 2020.

Subway, a national sponsor of the initiative, plans to support +color through an in-store promotion of its vegetable offerings in 2017, while HAB will provide avocado heart-check certified recipes and tips for the program, officials from the group stated.

“Subway restaurants is inspired to join the American Heart Association on this exciting journey to encourage Americans to eat more vegetables and promote healthier eating,” Lanette Kovachi, a Subway global dietitian, stated. “At Subway restaurants, Americans can choose from millions of our handcrafted sandwich combinations to create their own custom sandwich, which can offer up at least two extra servings of vegetables to their diet. Each of the 10 fresh vegetable varieties offered at Subway are a perfect complement to the +color initiative.”

According to AHA, the centerpiece of its +color initiative will be an extensive series of entertaining videos, social media events and digital interactive information that will make it easier for individuals to adopt the healthy changes.

The organization will  kick off a nationwide expansion of the program at its at AHA Heart Walks event this fall.

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