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Anthony L. Jordan Health Center Employee Alleges Retaliatory Firing

By Staff –


jordan health centerFormer Anthony L. Jordan Health Center employee Kimberlee Frarey has recently alleged she was fired for alerting health center officials that a member of senior management transferred $10,000 in unauthorized funds into the account of another employee.

According to a report in the Democrat and Chronicle, Frarey said she investigated the allegations after another employee informed her of the fraudulent activity, and she was later fired after warning Dr. Janice Harbin, the center’s president, about the senior employee’s misappropriation of funds.

The lawsuit alleges, “In July 2015 Frarey conducted her investigation and found substance to the allegations,” the article said. “The employee who alerted her to the alleged fraud said she also told Harbin but Harbin said ‘she did not care about the money … and that she did not have a problem with the conduct.'”

According to Frarey, Harbin removed her from her position as chief compliance officer in retaliation for reporting the instance of fraud.

Harbin placed Frarery on administrative leave in February, and Frarery was officially fired by letter on March 23.

Jordan Health Center officials have not yet officially commented on the matter.

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