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Anti-Poverty Initiative Releases Report Outlining Guiding Principles

By Staff


guidingThe Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative has recently released a 36-page report titled, “Guiding Principles: Mobilizing Our Community to Achieve Self-Sufficiency.”

“The Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative at United Way (RMAPI) is an unprecedented community-wide effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester and Monroe County region by 50 percent over the next 15 years,” the report stated. “In September 2015, RMAPI released its first progress report, entitled “A Roadmap for Change.” As described in the report, three common themes consistently arose from all of the workgroups: build and support our community, address structural racism, and address trauma. …These principles will inform the work of RMAPI going forward.”

RMAPI has formed three resource teams, and recruited individuals with expertise or relevant experience in each area—community building, structural racism, and trauma—which includes at least one community member impacted by poverty on each team, and ensured that there was diversity across race and gender, officials from the group stated.

“Resource teams consisted of 14 to 15 members to maintain efficiency and efficacy,” RMAPI said. “The approach of RMAPI is to build on current community assets, and leverage existing resources.”

Some of the group’s strategies will include developing means for youth and adults to attend conferences, lectures, events, and business expos; creating tax incentives for neighborhood businesses; and partnering “with local agencies, hospitals and other organizations to offer professional development opportunities in the area of social-emotional and behavioral supports.”

In March, RMAPI said it would focus on three neighborhoods as part of its efforts to eradicate poverty in the region.

The city’s Office of Innovation, Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, and Connected Communities group, said they also plan to focus on building urban villages in the Marketview Heights, Beechwood, and EMMA neighborhoods, as outlined recently in the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge report.

Then, after one year of studying the initiative’s efforts in the designated neighborhoods, officials said they will implement the programs in other areas of the city.

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