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City’s Anti-Poverty Initiative to Focus on Three Neighborhoods

By Staff


antipovertymapRochester’s Anti-Poverty Initiative has announced it will focus on three neighborhoods as part of its efforts to eradicate poverty in the region.

The city’s Office of Innovation, Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, and Connected Communities group, will focus on building urban villages in the Marketview Heights, Beechwood, and EMMA neighborhoods, as outlined recently in the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge report.

“As mayor, I want to bring opportunity to all of our neighborhoods; to ensure that all of our residents have access to jobs, safe neighborhoods, and quality schools,” Mayor Lovely Warren stated. “This is just the first step of many that will lift our friends, and neighbors, out of poverty, and create a better Rochester, one neighborhood at a time, throughout our city.”

Officials said the plan would expand services in four areas including Cradle to Career Education; Community Wellness; Mixed Income Housing; and Economic Viability.

“Our partnership with the city of Rochester, and Connected Communities, coupled with the recommendations of the IBM Smarter Cities Team will truly help to move people out of poverty and toward self-sufficiency,” Leonard Brock, director of the RMAPI, stated. “This partnership begins the first step in implementing the findings from RMAPI’s initial report, released in September. In the target neighborhoods, we will be able to provide adult mentoring to help people get and keep jobs, increase access to quality child care and parent education programs, and build a system of support to help people move out of poverty, and be able to remain self-sufficient.”

According to officials, after one year of studying the initiative’s efforts in the designated neighborhoods, they will implement the programs in other areas of the city.

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