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Appellate Court Decides Charles Pierre Will Get New Trial

By Staff


charles pierre

Charles Pierre

Update: Monroe County Court Judge Douglas Randall has scheduled Charles Pierre’s new trial for Aug. 10. In addition, Pierre’s lawyer, Van Henri White, has said Darrell Boyd will be called as a witness at the new trial.

Judges with the State of New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, recently voted to uphold Monroe County Court Judge Douglas Randall’s decision to overturn Charles “Teddy” Pierre’s 2003 conviction for double murder and arson, court documents stated.

The court’s ruling means Pierre will get a new trial, and the chance to introduce new evidence in the case, after serving 12 years in prison for the crimes.

In August 2014, County Court Judge Douglas Randall decided, after another prisoner named Darrell Boyd allegedly confessed his involvement in the 2002 murders of two city residents to another inmate, as well as his wife; if the jury had heard the evidence during Pierre’s original trial, the information may have resulted in an acquittal.

Boyd is currently in prison for a 2007 murder.

“County Court properly determined, following a hearing, that defendant proved by a preponderance of the evidence that ‘new evidence has been discovered since the entry of [the] judgment . . . , which could not have been produced by the defendant at the trial, even with due diligence on his part and, which is of such character as to create a probability that, had such evidence been received at the trial, the verdict would have been more favorable to the defendant,’” the appellate court stated.

Pierre’s new trial had been scheduled to begin in February, however, was postponed when the Monroe County District Attorney appealed Randall’s decision.

Reportedly, the DA’s office plans to go ahead with a new trial, instead of appealing the court’s latest decision. Pierre and his attorney, Van Henri White, have stated the crimes were actually committed by Boyd, and have repeatedly proclaimed Pierre’s innocence.

Pierre is currently being held at the Monroe County Jail, where he will remain until Randall sets a new date for his trial. His next court appearance will be Tuesday, June 16, at 2.p.m.