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April 3 – 9 Has Been Proclaimed National Library Week

Staff Report

Photo from the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County NY Facebook page at

National Library Week at the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County Downtown has been proclaimed, April 3 through April 9 by Monroe County Executive Adam J. Bello has joined Mayor Malik D. Evans.

“Monroe County has an extensive library system throughout our towns, villages and the City of

Rochester,” Bello said. “Each library has its own unique character, programs and

services that support the needs of those who use it. 

Bello encourages city and county residents of all ages to take this week and beyond to rediscover the local library or visit one of the 32 active libraries across Monroe County, especially when libraries have so much to offer.

This year’s National Library Week theme is “Connect with Your Library,” promoting the idea that Libraries are not just for books. In addition to books, through access to multimedia programs and classes, children’s center, history and much more.

Libraries are places to get connected to technology by using broadband, computers and other resources. They also offer opportunities to connect with media, programs, ideas, classes and a place to connect communities to each other.

“There was a time when access to the knowledge contained in libraries was limited to the wealthy and the upper class, who understood that knowledge is power,” Mayor Evans said. 

“Libraries remain a source of power, but today, they’re accessible to all. We have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips sitting in our pockets; but the human experiences we gain by coming to a library to connect with like and unlike minds, to learn, and to explore cannot be duplicated on a phone.”

To find the library closest to you and access the many online services, visit the Monroe County Library System Website at

For the full calendar of National Library Week programs in Monroe County, visit