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Bello, Mendoza Have Not Had COVID-19 tests

Patti Singer

County Executive Adam Bello at a news conference March 14, 2020. Dr. Michael Mendoza is to the far right of Bello. File photo

Monroe County has tested more than 10,000 residents for COVID-19, but County Executive Adam Bello and Department of Public Health commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza haven’t been among them.

Neither has been symptomatic, and neither is aware of coming into close contact with someone who has tested positive, according to county spokeswoman Julie Philipp.

Mendoza had an antibody test taken at a local WalMart to examine the process the company was using, Philipp wrote in response to an email asking if the leaders of Monroe County’s pandemic response had been tested. Mendoza’s antibody result was negative. An antibody test can show if a person was exposed to a virus.

Mendoza has said that even though people without symptoms could have the virus, he is relying on the decisions of health care professionals about whether to test those individuals.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello folded fabric to make a mask. Provided by Monroe County.

During online news conferences, Bello has stressed the need to stay at least six from others and to wear a mask in public.

During one of his news conferences, he showed how to make a mask by folding a square piece of fabric such as a bandana.

As of 4 p.m. April 23, Monroe County reported 1,171 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Of all the people who had been confirmed positive, 525 had recovered from isolation.

Of all the confirmed positive and known presumed positive cases, 682 individuals had recovered from isolation.

As of April 23, there were 102 people in area hospitals and 30 were on ventilators.

The county has reported 91 deaths from COVID-19.

County data is updated daily and is available at