Saturday 28 January 2023
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Black and Asian Democratic Caucus Calls for Investigation Regarding Death of Daniel Prude

Staff reports

The Black and Asian Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature seeks an independent investigation into what county officials knew about the death of Daniel Prude. File photo

The Black and Asian Democratic Caucus of the Monroe County Legislature has called for an independent investigation of county officials regarding what they may have known about the Daniel Prude case before the family made it public.

In a news release Sept. 23, the caucus wrote, “As the Rochester City Council is conducting their own independent investigation, we think it is important that the County Legislature conduct our own investigation into who had knowledge of Mr. Prude’s death prior to September when it was released to the public.”

During the discussion on new business in the Sept. 22 legislature meeting, Legislator Ernest Flagler Mitchell (D-Rochester) asked President Dr. Joe Carbone to conduct an investigation.

“I think that we do an injustice when we don’t do our own investigation on our own executives and officials to make sure they have been very transparent throughout this situation,” Flagler Mitchell said, according to the news release. “… What we need to have is an action plan in place so something like this doesn’t ever happen again.”

He said various people have been mentioned as having known about the death.

“It will do us no justice if we don’t do our part as legislators and call for an investigation on our officials and our legislators who might have known and have not allowed us all to know what was going on and be as transparent as we could’ve been,” Flagler Mitchell said. “So I’m asking you, Mr. President, to conduct an investigation on the Prude case when it contains County officials.”

The caucus wrote that it is hopeful its legislature colleagues “can agree on the significance of transparency in our own house when it comes to something that has impacted our city the way that this has.”

In response to an email seeking reaction from Carbone, a spokeswoman for the Republican majority wrote that the topic came up for the first time on Sept. 22 and that the legislature president will look into it and what it may entail.

The City Council investigation is underway. The attorney hired by council has issued subpoenas to the mayor’s office, the city law department, the Rochester Police Department and City Council for an array of documents.