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‘Black Lives Matter’ Banners Defaced at CDR

Staff reports

Banners at Center for Disability Rights, 497 State St., were defaced. Provided photo

Black Lives Matter banners at the Center for Disability Rights building at 497 State St. near the corner of Jay Street, were defaced on Jan. 5, according to a statement from the agency.

The word “Black” on each of the three banners was partially obscured by spray paint and the word “All” was written.

The 10-foot by 12-foot banners were installed in July to support protests for Black Lives Matter. Each banner features a Black individual with disabilities who is associated with CDR.

Police were notified, according to the news release announcing the vandalism.

“This attack will not intimidate us,” said Bruce Darling, president and chief executive officer of CDR. “Our commitment to ending racism and police violence is as strong as ever because the stakes are literally life and death.”

“As a black man who uses a wheelchair I realize that there are issues black people have to deal with that others experience to a much lesser degree or not at all,” said Kenyatta DaCosta, vice chair CDR’s board of directors. “In the face of this insensitivity we continue to support Black Lives Matter in their addressing of hardships that stem from prejudice and racism.”

Gregg Beratan, director of advocacy, said CDR has received support after the incident. He said area businesses want to help replace the banners and members of the community have said the vandalism “was an attack on all of us.”