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Blind Luck: Man Purchases Wrong Lottery Ticket After Forgetting Glasses, Wins Anyways

Real close up of empty lottery ticketMany people in African-American communities enjoy playing the lottery, as indicated by a 2010 paper in the Journal of Community Psychology, which found that lottery outlets are often clustered in neighborhoods with large numbers of minorities. However, with odds of about one in 176 million, winners from these communities are often few and far between.

In order to win the lottery, you need blind luck, as a recent winner from southwestern Connecticut proved in an all too literal sense.

Bob Sabo didn’t want to wait in line to buy a lottery ticket, so for the first time in his entire life, he decided to buy a ticket from a lottery vending machine. He put $40 into the machine, intending to buy two $20 tickets, but because he didn’t have his glasses on, he wound up buying a $30 ticket.

When he got home, he discovered that he’d won $30,000.

Of course, Sabo won’t ultimately wind up with the full $30,000. There’s taxes that need to be paid. Off the top, the lottery usually withholds 25% for federal tax, and depending on where a winner lives and what his or her respective tax bracket is, withholds another 6 to 9% for state taxes.

Whatever’s left, though, will certainly be a blessing. Sabo just has to be careful with how he spends that money, as many lottery winners actually wind up bankrupt just a few years after they win. According to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up going broke and filing for a bankruptcy.

Odds are, though, that he’ll be more than fine. According to Statistics Brain, 55% of lottery winners are happier after winning, 95% remained married after winning, 90% of winners who had a best friend before winning remained pals, 48% of winners continued working in the career they’d had prior to winning, and 56% of winners still had some of their winnings after five years.

In other words, with a bit of blind luck, anyone can wind up better off.