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Board of Regents Recommends $2.4 Billion Increase in State Aid

By Staff


nysed-logo-text-300x234 newThe New York State Board of Regents recommended a $2.4 billion increase in education aid for the 2016-2017 state budget Dec. 15.

The board has made the request in a year when districts across the state will face tight budgets due to the state’s property tax cap.

“As with past proposals, this year’s addresses uneven funding across districts by driving more money to districts with a high concentration of students who need it most—those with special needs, English language learners, and those from low income homes,” Merryl Tisch, Board of Regents chancellor stated.

The proposal requests substantial increases in basic operating aid to districts, the full restoration of the remaining Gap Elimination Adjustment, and money for board priorities, such as early childhood education, multiple pathways to graduation, professional development for educators, the needs of English language learners, digital learning, and family and community engagement.

In addition, the proposal has recommended a $1.3 billion increase in foundation aid, and the restoration of $434 million in Gap Elimination Adjustment deductions.

It also recommends the state continue to fund $403 million in reimbursement-based aid programs for the 2016-2017 school year, which would include funds for building, transportation, and special education services.

The board has also requested increased funding for the Workgroup on Improving Outcomes for Boys and Young Men of Color, as part of $345 million in program costs.

“We are also requesting new dollars to support multiple pathways to graduation, expand early childhood education, and strengthen services for students learning English,” Tisch stated. “Funding these measures will greatly benefit New York’s three million public school children by putting them firmly on the path of college and career readiness. This proposal represents a smart investment in our state’s collective future.”