Thursday 2 February 2023
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Brittaney Wells Appointed Executive Director of Monroe Democratic Committee

By Staff –

Brittaney Wells

Brittaney Wells

The Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC) has appointed Brittaney Wells as its Executive Director.

Effective August 6th, Wells will move from her current position as Executive Vice-Chair into her new role where she will help lead MCDC’s efforts to elect Democrats at all levels of government throughout Monroe County.

“Brittaney Wells has been a campaign and party organizer at every level,” said Mayor Lovely A. Warren. “Brittaney’s ability to organize grassroots campaigning comes from her vast experience working on presidential, mayoral and other campaigns at all levels and in every capacity.  As we seek to fully embrace our party’s diversity and positive, progressive platform and to draw on those assets as strengths in upcoming elections, I am excited to have Brittaney Wells helping to lead our local party to victory.”

NYS Assembly Majority Leader and Congressional candidate Joe Morelle said Wells will help to move the party forward. “Her passion, dedication, and extensive campaign experience will serve her well in this new role,” Morelle said.

Wells has most recently served as the Director of the City of Rochester’s Office of Community Wealth Building. She also successfully led Mayor Warren’s primary and general election campaigns last year as Campaign Manager. Additionally, Wells has significant experience working in leadership roles on City Council, NYS Assembly, Congressional and US Presidential campaigns.

Ms. Wells is a graduate of SUNY Brockport, a lifelong Monroe County resident and resides in the City of Rochester.

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