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Animal wrangler Bozena Bienkowska coaxes perfect performances from her pets, including a raven and wolf-hybrid, to star in films and on TV. (Katielee Arrowsmith/Zenger)

Animal Wrangler Coaxes Perfect Screen Performances From Her Pets 

Bozena Bienkowska believes the intelligence of animals is widely underestimated. The post Animal Wrangler Coaxes Perfect Screen...

Breathtaking aerial images have revealed a cluster of 11 heron nests perched 100ft in the treetops - boosting hopes of a surge in the numbers breeding in the UK. (Simon Galloway/Zenger)

Breathtaking Aerial Images Reveal 11 Nests Perched 100 Feet In Trees At 17th Century Stately Home

Pictures captured the scenes at the heronry at the National Trust run Belton House in the parish of Grantham in the United Kingdom The...

The male wolfdog named Faelen (left) together with the wolfdog Maeve (right). (@runningwithwolfdogs/Zenger).

PACK IT IN YOU: Sneaky Wolf Hybrid Plays For Puppy Love

The big black wolfdog is a male named Faelen, while the grey wolfdog is a female named Maeve. The post PACK IT IN YOU: Sneaky Wolf Hybrid...

Reconstruction of the extinct owl Miosurnia diurna perched in a tree with its last meal of a small rodent, overlooking extinct three-toed horses and rhinos with the rising Tibetan Plateau on the horizon. (IVPP, Zheng Qiuyang/Zenger)

Owls About A Snack? 6-Million-Year-Old Owl Fossil Still Had Lunch In Its Stomach

The estimated size of the bird's eyeball suggests it was active during the day, unlike its modern nocturnal relatives. The post Owls...

Selected titanosaurian eggs and egg-clutches collected from the Late Cretaceous Serra da Galga Formation (Bauru Group) at Ponto Alta nesting site, Uberaba Municipality, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  (Dr. Agustin G. Martinelli/Zenger)

Shell Of A Find: Scientists Find Massive Haul Of 80-Million-Year-Old Titanosaur Eggs

Rarest of rare finds in an abandoned limestone mine in a rural area of Brazil said to highlight region's historical importance. The post...

For the first 10 million years after dinosaurs died out, mammals prioritized boosting their body size to adapt to radical shifts in the makeup of Earth’s animal kingdom, according to new research. (Steve Chatterley/Zenger)

Mammals ‘Put Brawn Before Brains To Survive The Post-Dinosaur World’

? The post Mammals ‘Put Brawn Before Brains To Survive The Post-Dinosaur World’ appeared first on Zenger News.

Crazy ants swarm on a cobweb spider (Cryptachaea porter). The invasive ant species is wiping out various native insects and endangering native reptiles, birds and small mammals. (Mark Sanders/University of Texas)

Invasive Crazy Ants May Be Defeated By Microscopic Spore

Scientists hope that the spread of crazy ants can be stopped with an innovative biocontrol. The post Invasive Crazy Ants May Be Defeated...

The New Caledonian storm petrel (Fregetta lineata) dashes across the sea. The word “petrel” is thought to be derived from “Peter,” alluding to the biblical account of Peter walking on water. This bird was photographed in January 2020, off New Caledonia. (Hadoram Shirihai/Tubenoses Project/Zenger)

Newly Discovered Seabird Placed Straight On ‘Critically Endangered’ Species List

Although specimens of the bird species were held in museum collections around the world, they were misclassified. The post Newly...

Male Caspian terns are not only responsible for leading their young on their first autumn migration to wintering quarters, but they also have an important role in defending their young against possible threats. Here, a young tern (bottom right corner) is seen roosting on a stopover site together with its parent, which is seemingly not happy about the approach of a young common gull. (Petri Hirva)

Like Learning To Drive: Bird Dads Guide Young On First Migration

Scientists have tracked Caspian terns' migration routes and concluded that the birds' choice of flight paths is “cultural." The post...

A grasshopper clings to the grasses of the Carrizo Plain National Monument, June 1, 2001. President Bill Clinton established the national monument in his final days in office to save the last large remnant of the aboriginal ocean of grassland that once covered central California. (David McNew/Getty Images)

A Study Of Grasshopper Jaws Reveals Similarity To Mammals, Diversity Of Diet

3D imaging of grasshoppers' mandibles avoids the destruction of samples and may be used with other species. The post A Study Of...