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Selected titanosaurian eggs and egg-clutches collected from the Late Cretaceous Serra da Galga Formation (Bauru Group) at Ponto Alta nesting site, Uberaba Municipality, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.  (Dr. Agustin G. Martinelli/Zenger)

Shell Of A Find: Scientists Find Massive Haul Of 80-Million-Year-Old Titanosaur Eggs

Rarest of rare finds in an abandoned limestone mine in a rural area of Brazil said to highlight region's historical importance. The post...

For the first 10 million years after dinosaurs died out, mammals prioritized boosting their body size to adapt to radical shifts in the makeup of Earth’s animal kingdom, according to new research. (Steve Chatterley/Zenger)

Mammals ‘Put Brawn Before Brains To Survive The Post-Dinosaur World’

? The post Mammals ‘Put Brawn Before Brains To Survive The Post-Dinosaur World’ appeared first on Zenger News.

Image of the tryworks was taken from the shipwreck site of brig Industry by a NOAA ROV in the Gulf of Mexico. (NOAA Ocean Exploration/Zenger)

VIDEO: Wreck Of 207-Year-Old Ship Discovered In Gulf Of Mexico

The brig is a testament to the experiences and achievements of its diverse crew. The post VIDEO: Wreck Of 207-Year-Old Ship Discovered In...

Researcher Ashley Poust holds the fossilized lower jaw of Diegoaelurus, a bobcat-sized carnivore that lived 42 million years ago. Diegoaelurus was much smaller than the commonly known Smilodon, or saber-tooth cat, seen in the background. Smilodon evolved roughly 40 million years after Diegoaelurus went extinct, but both animals were saber-toothed, hyper-carnivorous predators, meaning their diets consisted almost entirely of meat. (San Diego Natural History Museum)

The Saber-Tooth Predator That Lived Millions Of Years Before Cats

Diegoaelurus vanvalkenburghae may have been the first cat-like mammal to live on meat alone. The post The Saber-Tooth Predator That Lived...

Paleontologists in Argentina found hundreds of pieces of bone, shown in this press release photo with the pen serving as a measurement guide, that had been embedded inside the skin of certain prehistoric giant sloths. (Paleontological Museum of San Pedro/Zenger)

Prehistoric Giant Sloths Had Chain-Mail Armor Of Bone Mesh To Stop Predators

Researchers in Argentina credit their relationship with the family that runs the quarry for being able to make the find. The post...

The Endurance22 Expedition uncovered the wreckage of the Endurance, the ship that carried a crew of explorers which attempted the first land crossing of Antarctica. In 1915, the ship was cornered within dense pack ice in the Weddell Sea, forcing the 28-member crew to abandon the Endurance for a months-long escape. Pictured, the taffrail and ship’s wheel, aft well deck. (Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust/National Geographic)

Crew Successfully Completes ‘World’s Most Challenging Shipwreck Search’

Photos captured by the Antarctic expedition show incredible detail for a shipwreck over 100 years old. The post Crew Successfully...

A scanned image of key device 41, a lesser-known successor to the Enigma machine that was used by a small number of people working for Germany's intelligence services toward the end of World War II. (Fraunhofer IIS/Zenger)

VIDEO: WWII Enigma Machine, Other Encryption Devices Dating Back To 1870 Scanned And Modeled

The Deutsches Museum in Germany is working to unveil the secrets of the encryption devices. The post VIDEO: WWII Enigma Machine, Other...

Arapouco 1962. Skeleton 3A is visible on the left of the photograph, lying on the right side of skeleton 2A. These burials illustrate several traits common to the Sado Valley burials during the Mesolithic period. (Peyroteo-Stjerna et al., 2022/European Journal of Archaeology)

Mummification In Europe May Be The Oldest In The World

While the Chinchorro mummies of Chile date back to 7000 B.C., a new study shows Portugal has much older preserved bodies. The post...

The SS Bloody Marsh, which completed construction in 1943, was recently found when the NOAA was mapping the ocean floor off the coast of South Carolina. (NOAA Ocean Exploration)

Researchers Make Startling Find While Mapping Ocean Floor

Scientists came across a historic discovery while mapping the ocean floor — an oil tanker that dates back to World War II. The post...

A chamber pot found in situ at a 5th-century Roman villa. Experts showed that it contained remains of urine and feces, as well as whipworm eggs, thus confirming its use by ancient Romans. (Roger Wilson)

Archeologists Ask: Ceramic Pot Or Portable Toilet?

Archeologists are delving into ancient feces to identify Roman chamber pots and the diets of those who used them. The post Archeologists...