Wednesday 10 August 2022
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Category: Central America, Environment, Science, South America, The Americas

In this image showing the intensity of oxygen-deficient zones, copper colors represent the lowest oxygen concentrations in the eastern Pacific Ocean, while deep teal indicates regions without low oxygen. (Jarek Kwiecinsky, Andrew Babbin, MIT)

Scientists Produce 3D Maps Of Oxygen-Deprived ‘Dead Zones’ In Pacific Ocean

Using 40 years of data, MIT researchers have mapped two of the largest oxygen-deficient zones in the world. The post Scientists Produce...

Central Panama's landscape helped an interdisciplinary team, led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute researchers, analyze how geochemically enriched material travels laterally through Earth’s mantle, similar to wind blowing at the surface. (Peter Barry, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Zenger)

Central (American) Heating: Scientists Find Subterranean Volcanic Duct From Galapagos To Panama

“Magma wind” blowing through a 900-mile underground channel brings volcanic material from the Galápagos Islands to Panama. The post...

Researchers strung raw chicken from tree branches to act as bait for vulture bees in Costa Rica. These stingless bees feed on carrion, while most bee species are vegetarian. (Quinn McFrederick/UCR)

VIDEO: What The Cluck? ‘Vulture Bees’ Eat Chicken In Costa Rica 

Carnivorous bees show the less sweet side of the world's favorite insect. The post VIDEO: What The Cluck? ‘Vulture Bees’ Eat Chicken...

Guatemalan military officers rest in El Florido, Guatemala. The nations' violent history included episodes with government, military, religious, and political forces, often linked to ideological power struggles derived from the Cold War and its aftermath. (Photo by Josue Decavele/Getty Images)

Claims Arise That U.S. Government Fosters Leftist Revolution In Central America

Scandals related to money from USAID have undermined the fight against corruption and migration in Guatemala, critics say.  The post...