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Category: Defense & Pentagon, Technology

The projected Japanese next-generation fighter aircraft as seen in a concept image. (Japanese Ministry of Defense) 

UK And Japan Team Up To Develop Next-Generation Fighter Engine

The world's first sixth-generation fighters are to be out by 2030.  The post UK And Japan Team Up To Develop Next-Generation Fighter...

Bear Grylls completes an ice-breaking drill with the Royal Marines during Arctic exercises in Norway. (Royal Navy/Zenger)

Bear Grylls Takes Part In Ice-Breaking Drill With Royal Marines In Arctic Norway

Some 35,000 troops from 28 nations participating in annual bone-chilling Arctic exercises. The post Bear Grylls Takes Part In...

Peraton's new headquarters in Reston, VA. (Photo courtesy of Peraton)

The Importance Of Businesses Communicating Success

A focused, energetic communications strategy is needed to reassure customers, employees and industry. The post The Importance Of...

Aboard a Russian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber, a crew member appears to operate a slide rule for a calculation. The incident took place on Nov. 11 during a joint mission with the Belarusian Air Force. (Russian Ministry of Defense/Zenger)

VIDEO: Ruling The Skies? Astonishment As Russian Fighter Pilots Use Slide Rules In Mach 2 Jets

Pilots were filmed making complicated course calculations on centuries-old tech that could be made by a calculator in seconds. The post...

The Russian jet in the foreground has a fuel line attached for a midair refill over the country's the South Urals. (Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation/Zenger)

VIDEO: Tanks For The Top-Up: Russian Bomber Refuels In High-Precision Midair Maneuver

Fighter-bomber and tanker jets were just 66 feet apart during aerial refill.  The post VIDEO: Tanks For The Top-Up: Russian Bomber...