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Summer Soar

Help Beat Summer Learning Loss with ReadyRosie

Op/Ed By Jessica Lewis, ROC the Future Communications Specialist –   Every summer, low-income youth lose two to three months in...


The Beauty of Local Control and Choice

Op/Ed By Ayesha Kreutz –   The education of our children should always be as local as possible, and firmly in the grasp of...

howard new

Insanity Prevails within the Rochester City School District

Op/Ed By Howard Eagle –   Another one of those amazing reports regarding decades-old, ongoing, horrendously-decrepit conditions...

Amanda Gallipeau (1)

What’s Goin’ On With Your Health? Medicaid is Vital for Health Services

  Submitted by Amanda Gallipeau on behalf of the African American Health Coalition (convened by Common Ground Health) –  You...

gloria new

Straight No Chaser: Philosophically, Media Whores Sleep Together

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –   The harder I try to ignore them, the more I’m reminded that, philosophically, local media whores...

new michael vaughn

Something to Think About: Our Seat at the Table

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn –   One of the things  I have noticed is the importance of having our seat at the table when it comes...

cjones06152017 (1)

Praise For Deal Leader

By Clay Jones –             Click here to comment on this post on our Facebook page.


Judge Astacio Needs Community’s Love and Support

Op/Ed By George Payne –   Embattled Judge Leticia Astacio has an illness called alcoholism; it is a disease that effects...

gloria new

Straight No Chaser: Jim Sheppard’s Platform Is Comedic

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –   Pardon me while I get another cup of coffee. I just read the overdue platform of mayoral wannabe Jim...

Juireith Donko-Hanson - IMG_0844

What’s Goin’ On With Your Health? What Can We Do to Prevent STDs?

    Submitted by Juireith Donko-Hanson, MPH, on behalf of the African American Health Coalition (convened by Common Ground...