Wednesday 19 September 2018
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Category: Editorial

George Payne

Speaking Freely, John McCain Was No Peacemaker

Op/Ed by George Payne – Senator John McCain was a powerhouse in American politics. His legacy is far reaching and impacts every facet...


Random Thoughts

Op/Ed by Wallace Mabry – A recent encounter at the library on Lyell Avenue and Avery Street with a loquacious white woman, who spoke...

George Payne

With Enough Creativity, Parcel 5 Design Can Meet Everyone’s Needs

Op/Ed by George Payne – Having spent some time in Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, St. Louis, Omaha, Chicago, New Orleans, Lexington,...

new michael vaughn

Something to Think About: Building our Community; I’m Supporting Our Mayor on this one!

Op/Ed by Michael Vaughn – It is no secret that there are many things that are in need of support in the African-American community;...

George Payne

Seneca Lake Gas Storage Victory is a Reflection of Racial Bias

Editorial by George Payne – A January 21, 2016, New York Times article by John Elgin asked a provocative question about environmental...


Rochester Needs an Independent Police Accountability Board

By Reverend James C. Simmons – Last summer the Coalition for Police Reform released a report that confirmed what black ministers have...

George Payne

Can Bike Sharing Work in Rochester?

Op/Ed by George Payne – For someone who complains that race is discussed far too much in Rochester, conservative radio host Bob...

new michael vaughn

Something to Think About: Abortion; Just Look at the Numbers!

Op/Ed by Michael Vaughn – As I write this article this week I want warn you that it has the potential to be controversial.  In 2018...

howard new

An Open Letter to Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden

By Howard Eagle –   Dear Councilman McFadden, Prior to 7/31/18, I had not been aware of your stellar July 25th appearance on...

howard new

The Critical, Missing Element: Authentic, Collective, Leadership

Op/Ed By Howard Eagle –   I hope people are paying close attention. Here we go again with the so-called “distinguished...