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Trump Trumps Obama’s Rejection of the Keystone Pipeline

Op/Ed By Wallace Mabry –   The Trump presidential administration has issued the permit for TransCanada to move ahead with its...

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Straight No Chaser: You Work Against My Mayor, I Work Against You

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –   Here we go, here we go!!!! The local Democratic Party, and it’s so-called...

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Parent Engagement is the Secret Sauce

Op/Ed By Jessica Lewis, Communications Specialist for ROC the Future –   Parents play the most powerful and influential role in...

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Driving Miss Crazy

By Clay Jones             Click here to comment on this post on our Facebook page.

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Something to Think About: The Most Innocent Black Lives, and The Black Lives Matter Movement

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn   I was recently invited to participate in a panel discussion titled “Black Genocide in 21st Century...


Trump’s Wiretapping Accusation Makes America Less Safe

Op/Ed By George Payne –   Since Donald Trump first promised to expose Barack Obama as a foreign imposter – only to expose...


What’s Goin’ On With Your Health? Is Incarceration a Catalyst for Worsening Health?

    Submitted by Precious Bedell, MA, CHW and Diane Morse, MD, on behalf of the African American Health Coalition –  More...


Then There Were Two: It’s Time to Raise the Age

Op/Ed By Brigit Hurley, Policy Analyst, The Children’s Agenda –   Kalief Browder was 16 years old when he was arrested for...

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Blocking Bigoted Brackets

By Clay Jones –             Click here to comment on this post on our Facebook page.

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Straight No Chaser: O.J. Did Not Do It!!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston   The controversy surrounding O.J. Simpson, and whether he was guilty or not, of murdering his ex-wife Nicole...