Sunday 23 September 2018
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Category: Editorial

Dr._Faye Williams

Speaking With a Forked Tongue

Op/Ed By Dr. E. Faye Williams   ( — If you were born between 1930 and 1960, you may remember that the Western...


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Raising Awareness and Saving Lives

Op/Ed By Marc Morial   “Too often, precious lives are interrupted or cut short by cancer. Breast cancer, one of the most common...


Legend or Legacy?

Op/Ed By James Clingman   ( – One thing that prevents us from moving forward, economically and otherwise, is...


Something to Think About: Political Factors We Should Consider

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn   There are a few things which have happened over the past several weeks that I would like folks to think...

Julianne_ Malveaux

Ben Carson: The Brother from Another Planet

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux   (Trice Edney Wire) – When neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson started flirting for a Presidential run, I...


Parents and Children Make Choices

Op/Ed By Wallace Mabry   Johnny Blackshell Jr., with no disrespect or dishonorable intent to his parents or his relatives, would, were...

howard new

Enough is Enough: Gov. Cuomo Discusses the Common Core Task Force

Op/Ed By Howard Eagle   What a lying hypocrite. That’s right, I called the governor a liar, and a hypocrite, and I can prove...


Something to Think About: The Aggressive Homosexual Agenda

Op/Ed By Michael Vaughn   The past few columns I have written have been a bit mellow, but, now, I feel it is time for me to provoke...


Spectator Politics

Op/Ed By James Clingman   Here is something to think about as we watch the political circus that is currently dominating the news:...


Straight No Chaser: Extraordinary Talent Rocks the Park, Motown-Style

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag   Last year, I missed the end-of-summer concert series, Roc The Park, sponsored by the city of...