Saturday 26 November 2022
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Category: Entertainment, Offbeat

Britain's oldest twins who pride themselves on leading “frugal lives” have celebrated their 102nd birthdays – with cheese sandwiches. (Steve Chatterley, SWNS/Zenger)

Say Cheese: Britain’s Oldest Twins Who Led ‘Frugal Lives’ Celebrate 102nd Birthday With Cheese

Edith Dumbleton and Dorcas Tobin were born 45 minutes apart on June 28, 1920 at their family home in Banbury,Oxfordshire, England. The...

An artist has created a lifelike miniature Stranger Things house. (Bridget McCarty/Zenger)

Smaller Things: LA Artist Creates Mini Stranger Things House

Bridget McCarty, 37, creates miniature film sets so detailed you wouldn't even know they were fake. The post Smaller Things: LA Artist...

A white lace shroud which is believed to have been draped over Queen Victoria’s coffin more than 120 years ago has been discovered in a loft. (Steve Chatterley/Zenger)

Shroud Mystery: A White Lace Shroud Which Is Believed To Have Covered Queen Victoria’s Coffin Found

The lace was found in an attic of a grandmother in Somerset. The post Shroud Mystery: A White Lace Shroud Which Is Believed To Have...

Millions of Brits would be embarrassed if others saw their internet search history. (Simon Galloway/Zenger)

Caught In A Web: Millions Would Be Embarrassed If Others Saw Their Internet Search History

A study of 2,000 adults found 17 percent would feel ashamed if friends and family knew what they looked up online. The post Caught In A...

Woman is expecting a baby after falling in love with her window cleaner as he washed her windows. (Lee Mclean/Zenger)

Cleaning Up: Woman Fell In Love With Her Window Cleaner As He Washed Her Windows

Gemma Stephenson, 36, first noticed Sean Nodwell, 37, when he was working on her neighbors' home. The post Cleaning Up: Woman Fell In...

A teen stands in front of posters advertising new action films at a Brooklyn movie theater on January 11, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Ready, Set – Action – Many Americans Believe They Could Be An Action Movie Star

One in three (35 percent) cited action movies as a huge influence on their fitness goals. The post Ready, Set – Action – Many...

A woman who thought she needed glasses was shocked when an optician suspected a brain tumor and doctors sent her for emergency surgery 12 hours later - saying if it had been a day later she would have died. (Ellie Musgrove/Zenger)

Eye’ll Save You: A Woman’s Optician Saved Her Life By Suspecting Her Of Having A Brain Tumor

Ellie Musgrove, 21, started experiencing severe headaches and neck pain after her 21st birthday in January 2022. The post Eye’ll Save...

John Lennon revealed he didn't think the Beatles were good musicians to a student journalist - who'd blagged his way into a press conference before a gig. (Simon Galloway/Zenger)

Imagine That: Young John Lennon Once Told A Reporter The Beatles Weren’t Good Musicians

"I've never thought about it really, but I suppose we don't count ourselves as good musicians.” The post Imagine That: Young John...

Adeline Vining, 36, from London, England, was pictured wearing her grandmother's Dior dress. (@adelinevining/Zenger)

Dior Thing: TikToker Finds Old Frock In Attack Is $43K Vintage Design

Adeline Vining, 36 posted a video of the dress for her 69,000 followers on April 30. The post Dior Thing: TikToker Finds Old Frock In...

A book to accompany the new weight-loss drug alli is displayed May 22, 2007 in New York. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Wishful Shrinking: Majority Of Americans Who Have Dieted Report No Lasting Change

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that those who have dieted in the past have tried an average of five different approaches.  The post...