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Not all bright ideas will make it, however good they are. (Burak Kebapci/Pexels)

Where Are They Now? Startups That Succeeded Or Failed Over The Last 20 Years

Up to 90 percent of startups fail, so it’s not surprising that some promising companies are no longer in existence. The post Where Are...

Digital technology is transforming healthcare. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

8 Israeli Startups Make CB Insights Top 150 List

Winners were selected by CB Insights’ Intelligence Unit from a pool of over 11,000 digital health companies. The post 8 Israeli...

University of Virginia Health neurosurgeon Jeff Elias, PhD, has been a pioneer in the development of focused ultrasound for the treatment of essential tremor, a common movement disorder, and Parkinson's disease. (UVA Health)

FDA Approves Incisionless Ultrasound Brain Surgery For Parkinson’s Symptoms

A new ultrasound technique avoids invasive brain surgery for Parkinson's symptoms in patients who don't respond to medication. The post...

A new injectable therapy forms a nanofiber scaffold with two different bioactive signals (green and orange) that communicate with cells to initiate repair of the injured spinal cord. The gel breaks down into cell nutrients and dissipates over time. (Illustration by Mark Seniw. Samuel I. Stupp Laboratory/Northwestern University)

VIDEO: Paralysis Breakthrough: Single Jab Restores Movement To Paralyzed Mice In Study

Tests show one injection of “dancing molecules" to spinal injury can make paralyzed mice walk again. The post VIDEO: Paralysis...