Saturday 20 January 2018
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Category: Featured News, State/National News

Cedric Chatman

Video Released of Chicago Police Shooting

By Staff   Recently-released video shows an unarmed, African-American teen running away from two police officers, after stealing a car...


Dinolfo Gives City the Ok to Remove Carousel Image

By Staff   Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo gave city officials the ok to remove possible racist imagery from the carousel at...

cuomo gun

Gov. Cuomo Proposes $298 Million Tax Break for Small Businesses

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making some big changes in the state as far as employment standards go, most recently announcing plans for a...

mr local carousel racist

Activists Plan to Protest Carousel Image at Cheryl Dinolfo Event

By Staff   Community activists once again plan to protest possible racist imagery on the carousel at Ontario Beach Park, during an...


Historic Powerball Drawing Bringing Out Droves of Hopefuls but Lotteries Remain Detrimental to Poor

With all the excitement over the recent Powerball lottery reaching historic heights of over $1.5 billion, it’s easy to fall into a...


Cuomo Proposes $145 Billion Budget in State of the State Address

By Staff   Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his $145 billion 2016-17 state budget proposal and State of the State address in Albany, Jan....

JPC logo

Judicial Process Commission Seeking Volunteer Mentors

By Staff   The Judicial Process Commission’s Faith Community Adult Mentoring Program has announced it will hold training...

polar bear

Seneca Park Zoo’s Male Polar Bear Dies

By Staff   The Seneca Park Zoo has announced the passing of its 26-year-old male polar bear, Zero. According to zoo officials, based...

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Rochester City School District Graduation Rates Slightly Rise

By Staff   The Rochester City School District’s June graduation rate increased slightly, from 43 percent in June 2014, to 46 percent...


Dinolfo Asks LDCs to Dissolve Themselves

By Staff   Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo asked local development corporations Upstate Telecommunications Corporation (UTC)...