Saturday 23 October 2021
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Category: Environment, Food, Middle East, Startups, Tech, Technology

Fieldin aims to digitize agriculture. (Illustration courtesy of Fieldin)

Game-changing Tech Will Digitize Farming And Increase Sustainability

“It’s just like manufacturing but instead of making a car, we produce a nut or a grape,” says Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar....

The “oral microbiome,” or the bacteria that populate the mouth, can affect how broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables taste, explaining why some children hate their vegetables. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Broc Horror: How Some Kids’ Mouth Bacteria Means They Can’t Help Hating Broccoli

Microorganisms in children’s mouths decide why some veg tastes revolting to them, says new study. The post Broc Horror: How Some...

BetterSeeds plans on editing the genes of commodity crops to increase their availability and success. (Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash)

Creating The Crops We Need, Not The Ones We Have

A startup wants to make farming an easier, more profitable and safer enterprise using Nobel-winning gene-editing technology. The post...

Beekeepers have long sought a natural way to protect bees from the virus spread by mites. (Annie Spratt/Unsplash)

Solving A Mite-y Problem: New Compound Creates Buzz Over Bee Survival Rates

Beekeepers and farmers have sought a natural alternative to deadly pesticides. The post Solving A Mite-y Problem: New Compound Creates...

A computer-generated image of oblong-shaped “friendly” bacterium Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which is not harmful to humans. (CDC/Unsplash)

Good Bacteria May Eliminate Bad Bacteria Better Than Antibiotics

Experimental technology is like a microscopic poison arrow shot from a good bacterium to eliminate a bad bacterium. The post Good Bacteria...

Shlomo Kadosh, Vanilla Vida chief operating officer (left), and Raz Krizevski, vice president, research and development, show off their product. Their company has developed proprietary greenhouse methods to control how and when the valued orchid blooms. (Vanilla Vida/Bar Cohen)

Israeli-Grown Vanilla Aims To Disrupt The Industry

Startup delivers what it describes as a dramatically better bean. The post Israeli-Grown Vanilla Aims To Disrupt The Industry appeared...

On the left, raw chicken is deposited by a food printer, and on the right, a blue laser beam is directed at a raw sample of chicken. (Jonathan Blutinger/Columbia Engineering)

Engineers Use Lasers To Cook 3D-Printed Chicken, Paving Way For All-In-One Robot Chef

The future may see a ‘Photoshop’ of digitized recipes for printing food. The post Engineers Use Lasers To Cook 3D-Printed...

Tamarind pulp is widely used in Mexican cuisine, especially in sweets and beverages. (Mexican government)

Pocket-Size Tamarind Pots Offer A Bittersweet Taste Of Nostalgia 

Tamarind, a part of Mexican gastronomy, has many nutritional benefits. The post Pocket-Size Tamarind Pots Offer A Bittersweet Taste Of...

Foodlink’s Curbside Market Helps Overcome WIC Barriers

Patti Earlier this year, city families receiving WIC benefits received some extra money for a few...

Rich in protein, crickets have been a food source in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times. (Julio Guzmán/Zenger)

Crickets, The Pre-Hispanic Delicacy Could Be The Food Of The Future

Insects are rich in vitamins and cheaper than other meat sources. Their consumption could help reduce greenhouse gasses. The post...