Tuesday 12 December 2017
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Category: Featured News, Health, Local News


County to Sponsor American Red Cross Blood Drive to Prevent Blood Shortage

By Staff –   Monroe County will sponsor an American Red Cross Blood Drive Wednesday, Dec. 13, in the County Office Building...


Gas Industries Are Poisoning African-Americans

By Dashea Smith –   ( – The NAACP and the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) have co-authored a landmark report...

mr vision national jackson parkinsons - jessejacksonwithpushlogo

Rev. Jackson’s Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease – What it is and How it Affects African-Americans

By Glenn Ellis –   ( – Last week, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., 76, revealed that he has...


Drug That Prevents HIV Infection is Little Known in Black Community Where Disease Rates are Highest

By Anna Challet –   ( – A drug that prevents HIV infection has been available for five years. But even...

nciu baby

Racial and Ethnic Disparities Show Up in NICU Care

By Erin Digitale –   ( – Babies’ racial and ethnic identities influence the quality of medical care...


What’s Goin’ On With Your Health? African American Women Continue to Die at Higher Rates from Breast Cancer

  Submitted by Dr. Candice Lucas and Dr. Karen Reifenstein on behalf of the African American Health Coalition –  As we come to...


Study Reveals: Racial Microaggressions May Reveal Deeper Beliefs

By Kim Eckart –   ( – Whites who are more likely to make microaggressions against Black people are also...


Study: Minority Women More Susceptible to Lupus

Minority women are more likely to be diagnosed with lupus, a new study shows. According to two new studies funded by the U.S. Centers for...

diabetes aa

Diabetes Rises to New High in the U. S. as Communities Take Action Against It

By Jane Kennedy –   ( – The prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. climbed to a new high of 11.6 percent...

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Universal Care Services Partners with Groups to Provide Home Care to Senior Citizens

By Staff –   Universal Care Services (UCS) has recently partnered with The Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly...