Wednesday 21 February 2018
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Category: Hot News

silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lights

BBB: Concert season is here, beware of ticket scams

Buffalo, NY – People have more options than ever for purchasing seats for concerts and events, but that also can mean more ways to...

Indiana 2

Indiana Republicans Amend Law to Stop Discrimination Amidst Pressure

By Staff   Although Republican leaders of the Indiana state House and Senate have continued to insist their recent measure, billed as...

city mark formal 287 [Converted]

Employee in City’s 911 Center Arrested

By Staff   The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested city 911 employee Jason Cortese, due to an alleged attempt to solicit nude...


Cuomo and Lawmakers Reach Deal, but Budget Lacks Initial Policy Plans

By Staff   Although New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislators have come to an agreement regarding the final state budget,...


Janet Lomax: Celebrating 35 Years of Journalism in the Community

By Lisa Dumas   Janet Lomax has become a Rochester icon over the past 35 years. She’s been everything from a trusted steward of...


RTS Says Fewer Students will transfer at Downtown Transit Center

By Staff   Regional Transit Service (RTS), in partnership with the Rochester City School District (RCSD), has announced a revised...


Boeheim Fires Back at NCAA, Calls Sanctions “Unduly Harsh”

By Staff   Syracuse University’s head basketball coach Jim Boeheim said the NCAA penalties handed to him, and the school’s...


Daryl Gross Moves to New Post at SU; Jim Boeheim to Retire in Three Years

By Staff           Syracuse University’s athletic director, Daryl Gross, will no longer hold the position,...


Assembly passes human-trafficking bill

By Staff   The New York State Assembly unanimously passed the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act, which will now treat sex...

Anibal Soler and Marlene Blocker

U of R Announces East High Principals

By Staff   Shaun Nelms, deputy superintendent of East High School, under its new partnership with the University of Rochester, has...