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A newspaper that is titled Fake News in terms misinformation. Artificial intelligence is gearing up to capture misinformation including fact-checking and verified sources. MERRIAM-WEBSTER/METANEWS

How Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Can Help To Combat Fake News

Recent technological advancements like the internet have vastly improved the speed and the mode of communication. The post How Artificial...

Crew member holding a movie clapboard on the set of Alina de Cuba.  John Martinez O'Felan spoke to LatinHeat in regard to Latino representation. MANKIND ENTERTAINMENT/LATINHEAT

Alina De Cuba Producer John Martinez O’Felan Talks Latino Representation In Hollywood

John Martinez O’Felan spoke about Latin representation in the film industry, unity among Latinos, John Leguizamo and James Franco The...

(L-R) SiriusXM host Scott Ferrall and sports analyst Darren Rovell speak during an interview on day 2 of SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVI on February 10, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Darren Rovell stated the value of having sports rights for competitions that need to be watched live. CINDY ORD/BENZINGA

Darren Rovell Warns ESPN Should Be Worried About Streaming Companies Entering Sports

The Battle For Sports Rights Could Be Heating Up With Streaming Companies Entering The Market At An Increasing Rate The post Darren...