Saturday 26 November 2022
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Category: COVID-19, Economy, National Politics

Masks with the altered image of Brazilian President Jair Bosonaro are burned during a protest about government measures to handle the COVID-19 pandemic on Oct. 20, in Brasilia, Brazil. The country’s Senate is currently looking into the government’s role in mismanaging the response to the virus. (Photo by Andressa Anholete/Getty Images)

Social Unrest, Allegations Of Corruption Could Bring Down Presidents Of Argentina, Brazil And Chile

As the leaders face a drop in popularity, the people deal with serious social, economic and health issues.  The post Social Unrest,...

Donald Whithead, executive director for the National Coalition for the Homeless, has experienced being without a home twice in his life. (Courtesy Donald Whitehead)

Homeless Champion Brings Lived Experiences To Bear

Overcoming his own homelessness and addictions, Donald Whitehead is at the forefront of a movement to make housing a human right. The...

Carlyle Riche Jr. has been named Baltimore County's Crisis Intervention Officer of the Year for 2021. A passionate mental health advocate, Riche aims to create a nonprofit for black teen boys “as a safe space for them to express themselves and feel supported, accepted and not judged.” (Courtesy of Carlyle Riche Jr.)

Crisis Intervention Police Officer Is An Instrument Of Change Against A Sea Of Troubles

Carlyle Riche Jr. first experienced racism from a police officer — “the very thing that I aspired to be.”   The post Crisis...