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“The number one crisis in America is mental illness and young people embracing a virtual world and attempting to bring it into the real world, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, pictured, said in Boston last week. (IMDB/Creative Commons)

‘We Must Pray With Actions’: Latino Church Leaders After Uvalde Shooting

Well-known pastor urges the Hispanic community to take measures against gun violence. The post ‘We Must Pray With Actions’: Latino...

Frank Wilczek, winner of the 2022 Templeton Prize, speaking at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. (Betsy Devine)

Physicist Frank Wilczek Adds 2022 Templeton Prize To His List Of Accolades

The award honors those who utilize the power of science to advance questions about religion and humanity. The post Physicist Frank...

“I think my life experiences and spiritual foundation more than anything have influenced my decision to become an entrepreneur,” says Jay Highsmith. (Herbert Geddis)

Jay Highsmith Productions Focuses Creativity Through A Spiritual Lens

“Video editing is very therapeutic for me,” says Highsmith. The post Jay Highsmith Productions Focuses Creativity Through A Spiritual...

“I have songs where I talk about Jesus overtly. But I like songs where you can just talk about life,” says Christian rapper Razzie. (Courtesy of Razzie) 

Christian Rapper Razzie Transformed His Life And His Lyrics

The transition from rapper to Christian rapper caused Razzie to erase his past catalog.  The post Christian Rapper Razzie Transformed...