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Category: Environment, Science, The Americas

Lava sloshing and spattering in the west vent in Halema‘uma‘u crater at Kīlauea volcano. (U.S. Geological Survey/Zenger News)

VIDEO: Boiling Over: Lava Still Spilling In Hawaii’s 2-Month Eruption

The Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii is still active after 11 weeks, spewing molten magma streams.  The post VIDEO: Boiling Over:...

Remains of the extinct megalodon shark, including these huge teeth, were recently found in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. (CIAHN-ATACAMA/Zenger)

Some-Fin Scary: Giant Prehistoric Shark Teeth From 60-Foot Ocean Monster Unearthed In Desert

A single tooth from this fearsome megalodon predator is bigger than a man's hand.  The post Some-Fin Scary: Giant Prehistoric Shark...

Carlyle Riche Jr. has been named Baltimore County's Crisis Intervention Officer of the Year for 2021. A passionate mental health advocate, Riche aims to create a nonprofit for black teen boys “as a safe space for them to express themselves and feel supported, accepted and not judged.” (Courtesy of Carlyle Riche Jr.)

Crisis Intervention Police Officer Is An Instrument Of Change Against A Sea Of Troubles

Carlyle Riche Jr. first experienced racism from a police officer — “the very thing that I aspired to be.”   The post Crisis...