Wednesday 22 February 2017
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Category: Featured News, Politics, State/National News, World


Somali-American Makes Debut as Minnesota State Rep

( – She’s an“intersectional feminist”, a mom, a refugee, an immigrant and a resident of Minneapolis. Besides...


Ghana Picks New Leader Who Promises Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

( – In a surprise upset for incumbent President John Dramani Mahama, voters turned out strongly for opposition...


Canada Recognizes Canadian Black Civil Rights Advocate Viola Desmond

By Rosemary Eng   ( – Nine years before Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a...


Nigeria’s President Denies Reports of Hunger in North-East, Blames U.N

By Chika Oduah   (  – Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is challenging U.N. and humanitarian aid...


Shocking Reports of Rape By Gov’t Soldiers of Boko Haram Victims

( – Dozens of young girls, rescued from Boko Haram kidnappers, were made victims again by the Nigerian soldiers...


Boko Haram Releases 21 Kidnapped Schoolgirls to Nigerian Government

By Staff   Boko Haram militants have released 21 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls to the Nigerian government, according to reports. The...

g. machel

On Mandela’s Birthday, a Call to Reflect and Volunteer

( – “Nelson Mandela International Day” – formalized by the U.N. General Assembly in November 2009 – recalls...

france truck

Eighty-Four Killed in Nice, France During Terror Attack; Authorities Identify Suspect

By Staff   The driver of a large truck killed 84 people Thursday, including 10 children, in a terrorist attack during a Bastille Day...

african children

As Western Nations Drag Their Feet, African Children Drown

( – There’s no telling when the tidal wave of migrants embarking from Libya to hoped-for safe shores in Europe will...

The U.S is running out of time, ISIS must be stopped

“145 Killed, Mostly Children!” the headline read. It had been yet another grizzly massacre; one which would cause a Nazi storm trooper...