Thursday 18 January 2018
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Category: Featured News, Politics, State/National News, World


A Humiliating End to the G7 Summit for Overlooked African Heads of State

( – African leaders invited to the summit of seven developed countries looked on in frustration and dismay as the...

Alhaaji Mohamed Bah

Unpleasant Surprise Unveiled for West Africans in America – You’re Deported

( – Ghanaians who have overstayed their U.S. visas are facing a new Trump Administration push to deport...


Doubts Raised About Highly-Praised Malaria Vaccine Headed for Africa

( – With much fanfare, the world’s first injectable vaccine against malaria will be introduced in three...

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - AUGUST 21:  Residents of the West Point slum wait for food aid during the second day of the government's Ebola quarantine on their neighborhood on August 21, 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. The government delivered bags of rice, beans and cooking oil to residents, who are forbidden from leaving the seaside slum, due to the Ebola outbreak in their community. More than 1,200 people have died due to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Trump Administration Ends Ebola Amnesty for West African Refugees

By Staff-   President Donald Trump has reportedly ended former President Barack Obama’s amnesty program for West African...


‘Corrected’ Boston School Maps Gives New Look for Africa

( – In an age of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, authorities in the city of Boston believe their...


Computer App Finds Surplus Food for the Poor in Nigeria

( – Nigerian-born Oscar Ekponimo was 11 when his family was struck by misfortune.  His father had a partial...

MR possible cover VIsion national Civil War Blamed for Starvation and Famine Looming in South Sudan - child-sudan

Civil War Blamed for Starvation and Famine Looming in South Sudan

( – The government of South Sudan and the United Nations are reporting that some 100,000 people are facing...


Somali-American Makes Debut as Minnesota State Rep

( – She’s an“intersectional feminist”, a mom, a refugee, an immigrant and a resident of Minneapolis. Besides...


Ghana Picks New Leader Who Promises Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

( – In a surprise upset for incumbent President John Dramani Mahama, voters turned out strongly for opposition...


Canada Recognizes Canadian Black Civil Rights Advocate Viola Desmond

By Rosemary Eng   ( – Nine years before Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a...