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Charles Pierre Found Not Guilty in Retrial for 2002 Murders

By Staff


Charles Pierre

Charles Pierre

Charles Pierre was found not guilty in a retrial Aug. 13, after being convicted of committing two murders in 2003, and serving 13 years in prison for the crime.

“For all those out there that think the system doesn’t work, it does work,” Pierre’s lawyer, Van Henri White stated.

In August 2014, County Court Judge Douglas Randall decided, after another prisoner named Darrell Boyd allegedly confessed his involvement in the 2002 murders of two city residents to another inmate, as well as his wife; if the jury had heard the evidence during Pierre’s original trial, the information may have resulted in an acquittal, and vacated Pierre’s earlier conviction.

Boyd is currently in prison for a 2007 murder.

Prosecutors again presented their case against Pierre, in a new trial Aug. 10, stating eyewitnesses had seen Pierre at the victims’ home in 2002, and heard arguing.

They also painted Boyd’s ex-wife as an unreliable witness for the defense, stating her testimony was based on getting revenge against her ex-husband. The Boyds lived in the apartment behind the victims, Thomas Reed and Clara Sconers.

But, according to White, the police never focused on Boyd, even though he had admitted to committing the killings. In addition, he said their lack of focus on the actual killer had resulted in an unfair trial for Pierre.

Ultimately, it took a Monroe County jury less than two hours to return with a not guilty verdict in the new trial.

Pierre applauded when the jury read its decision.

However, even though Pierre, who is originally from Trinidad, has been cleared of the murder charges as of Thursday, he is still currently being detained due to a pending, 2002 deportation order, officials said. He will likely remain in jail until immigration makes a decision regarding the matter. Officials reportedly said Pierre may also have other felony convictions, which may also play a role in immigration’s decision.